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How do you shave your bikini area down to the skin so it is smooth and there is no stubble?

Answer . If you want it to look perfect, get a bikini wax at a salon - professional is always recommended when dealing with a sensitive area of the body. You can use just ( Full Answer )
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Does shaving on your legs cause a stubble?

Yes, it can do. The more frequently you shave your legs, the more stubble you will get more often. Other methods such as removal creams and wax however cause less stubble.
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What is stubble rash?

stubble rash is when you've been kissing a guy with stubble and you get left with a red rash around your face
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What is stubble mulching?

Stubble mulching is leaving the organic residue of the crop, that is not gathered during harvest, on the ground. It allows for cooler soil and less erosion. An example of this ( Full Answer )
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Best method to remove hair from chest and kept stubble free?

First of all, if you are male, if you are meant to have a hairy chest you might consider embracing this part of you. Hairy chests are very sexy and nearly all men have some ch ( Full Answer )
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Do girls like guys with stubble?

Some do, all the girls i know tell me girls dont want to kiss that. I'm a girl and I think SOME guys look hotter when they grow out their facial hair. Not too much, shave onc ( Full Answer )
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How do you get rid of stubble?

To get rid of stubble you have to shave or wax. This is only atemporary form of hair removal.
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What is plowing the stubble under?

Stubble is what is left after grain has been harvested. It is plowed under because it helps return nutrients to the soil for the next planting. It also helps to keep the soil ( Full Answer )
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Why are your pubic hair like stubble?

because xavier lester shaves them while your sleeping!!!. also he is a child molester. so he loves his job
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What is shin stubble?

Shin stubble is the name given to the first signs of hair that grows back after one shaves.
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How do you use stubble in a sentence?

You can use stubble in various sentences. For example: . The 'stubble' on my face isnt so nice . The 'stubble' is perfect on my skin . I stubbled over a pebble some of t ( Full Answer )
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You have stubble how do you make it grow into a full beard?

Of course, there is the easy way of making a beard. Just don't shave where you want the hair to grow, but maybe that was too simple an answer... Who knows? How long will it ( Full Answer )
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What is a shin stubble?

Shin stubble is the name given to the first signs of hair that grows back after one shaves.
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When you have no facial hair if you shave every day will stubble grow?

Just don't shave it and you won't have to worry about that. It will make no difference at all because hair grows from follicles below the surface of the skin. The hair on y ( Full Answer )
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Will you get stubble after waxing your face?

Yes, I definitely got stubble from waxing my lip and chin. My hairs got coarse and they grew in very stubbly and rough feeling. It was horrible! After a few years of waxing an ( Full Answer )
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What is a good sentence for stubble?

Two weeks after shaving, the girl's legs had hair stubble growing back.. Though he had brown hair, the stubble of his beard was red.. Stubble on a man's face scratches when ( Full Answer )
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Can horses eat only soybean stubble?

Horses can eat soybean stubble, but it is not really very good for them, nor should it be the only thing fed. If you do feed the stubble make sure it is chopped up and not sha ( Full Answer )
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When did beard stubbles become fashionable?

Beard Stubble became fashionable by Don Johnson in the 1980's. However, some believe it became fashionable in the 60's when the character of Festus Haggen was on the show "Gu ( Full Answer )
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How much does a Norelco beard and stubble trimmer cost?

Philips manufactures a few versions of the Norelco beard and stubble trimmers. Since they are different from each other, their prices vary depending on their features.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Stubble - 2011?

The cast of Stubble - 2011 includes: Sian Adele Zina Bliss as Phoebe Sam Andrew Maina as Jack Pamina De Hauteclocque as Girl Claudia Nizich as Girl Jonell Rowe as Boy Couple
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What actors and actresses appeared in Sun on the Stubble - 1996?

The cast of Sun on the Stubble - 1996 includes: Don Barker as Uncle Gus Judy Blieschke as Bertha Obst Emily Branford as Magda Peter Braunstein as Railway Investigator One Geor ( Full Answer )