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How do your fix a stubborn-to-remove alternator in a Ford Focus dual cam stick shift?

I really kon't know why you are having a problem. Get a manual on your car from the parts store. I had this issue when replacing my alternator. My best solution was to (MORE)
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What is stubborned?

To not want to hear something that is against your belief's.
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Why is the mule a symbol of stubbornness?

Mules are known to be very stubborn, this is a trait that was inherited by the donkey parent, therefore, mules are the symbol of stubbornness.
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What is 'stubborn' when translated from English to Italian?

The singular ostinata and the plural ostinate in the feminine and the singular ostinato and the plural ostinati in the masculine are Italian equivalents of the English (MORE)
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Can you give me advice There's a guy I really like and he likes me but he's not really the dating type and he's really stubborn how can I break through to him?

What you should do is let the guy know you are different than most girls, stand out! talk about things you do outside of school. And be confident with yourself! if you are rea (MORE)
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Can stubbornness be a Polygenic inheritance?

I'm not sure about the biology of stubbornness as a Polygenic inheritance like eye color or hair color. I do think that some of stubbornness can be a learned trait from a pare (MORE)
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How many times is stubbornness used in Bible?

In the King James version the word - stubbornness - appears twice . Deu 9:27 Remember thy servants, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; look not unto the stubbornness of this peo (MORE)
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What are the tragic results of Creon's stubbornness and pride in 'Antigone'?

The desecration of the bodies of the disloyal Theban dead and the suicides of Antigone, Haemon and Eurydice are the tragic results of Creon's stubbornness and pride in "Antig (MORE)
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How many times is stubbornness in the bible?

The word ' stubbornness ' appears 2 times in theKing James Version (KJV). Both times it is found in the OldTestament in Deuteronomy 9:27 and 1 Samuel 15:23. The exact wordappe (MORE)
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How does the curiosity and stubbornness typical of raccoons enable billy to trap one In where the red fern grow?

billy uses a brace and bit trap in the story. the raccoons like shiny objects , and will not release. A brace and bit would be a drill and drill bit today. Drill a hole in (MORE)
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What animal represents stubbornness?

Donkeys represents stubbornness, because of their independentpersonality. Donkeys also represent procreation and fertility.Donkeys also represent an independent personality.
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How is the word stubbornness used in a sentence?

Stubbornness may be used in a sentence in a similar to related way: ' One might shudder at the thought of what one we has to do for Samantha to resist her stubbornness.' This (MORE)
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What is an alternative instead of pulling on your horses reins to get them to do what you want when they are being stubborn?

There is likely a good reason for the horse acting stubborn. It may be in pain, unable to do what is asked of it, or even confused. Have the horse thoroughly checked out by an (MORE)