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What is the definition of stubborn?

Stubborn in Punjabi is said like this . Teeth ( The second t is also pronounced like the first one, unlike tooth and teeth in which the first has a different pronunciation an (MORE)
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Why are people stubborn?

Well, since I was 14 I have become more stubborn because I'm sickand tired of my friend being so bossy and stubborn to me andanother reason was because all my life I got bosse (MORE)
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What is stubborn?

Stubborn is like when someone is selfish or wont let anyone do anything for you or perhaps difficult to handle Hope this helps (MORE)
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Synonyms for stubborn?

unyielding, steadfast, single-minded, determined, rebellious, unshakable, persistent, headstrong, bullheaded, tough, tenacious, willful, persevering, set in stone, stiff, hard (MORE)
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What animal is stubborn?

all animals can be stuborn it depends on their personality but if you are looking for a percific animal there is a donkey. :) hope i helped
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Can you refuse to be stubborn?

Well, if you're refusing to be stubborn, that makes you awfully stubborn, now doesn't it?
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Are Scopios stubborn?

Some are but not all.\n. \nI wouldn't bring too much in to it, if a person is stubborn its because they're just that. It's not down to a zodiac sign.
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What rhymes with stubborn?

born rhymes whit stubborn :) it is very hard to find a word that rhymes with stubborn but button is a close one
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What is stubborned?

To not want to hear something that is against your belief's.
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What is the synonym for stubborn?

obstinate,unyielding,mulish,pig-headed,wilful,strong-minded,perverse,recalcitrant,inflexible,immovable,intransigent,uncompromising, persistant,tenacious
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Are Taurus stubborn?

It completely depends on the Taurus. That is one of there Charateristics, but it depends what else you have on your chart. If this helps, The other personality traits of A (MORE)
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Is creon stubborn?

Yes! He fails to take advice from the chorus and his son, Haemon.
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Why are Taurus stubborn?

Because; it's kind of like a defense mechanism. If they are too nice, then they feel like they will get used. But, since they are stubborn, they think that it adds to their pe (MORE)
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What is meaning of stubborn?

Stubborn is an adjective similar to obstinate,obdurate,adamant that describes the behavior of an individual who refuses to agree or compromise to any problem and often is eg (MORE)