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What is the definition of stubborn?

Stubborn in Punjabi is said like this . Teeth ( The second t is also pronounced like the first one, unlike tooth and teeth in which the first has a different pronunciation an ( Full Answer )
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Why are people stubborn?

Well, since I was 14 I have become more stubborn because I'm sickand tired of my friend being so bossy and stubborn to me andanother reason was because all my life I got bosse ( Full Answer )
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What is stubborn?

Stubborn is like when someone is selfish or wont let anyone do anything for you or perhaps difficult to handle Hope this helps ( Full Answer )
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Can pigs be stubborn?

Oh yes, when a pig or hog does not want to do something he can put on quite an act.
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What does stubborn mean?

A person who is stubborn is a person who wants things their way notother people's way
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Synonyms for stubborn?

unyielding, steadfast, single-minded, determined, rebellious, unshakable, persistent, headstrong, bullheaded, tough, tenacious, willful, persevering, set in stone, stiff, hard ( Full Answer )
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What animal is stubborn?

all animals can be stuborn it depends on their personality but if you are looking for a percific animal there is a donkey. :) hope i helped
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What is an antonym for stubborn?

Words that mean the opposite of stubborn could be accommodating, flexible, tractable, agreeable, or cooperative.
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Can you refuse to be stubborn?

Well, if you're refusing to be stubborn, that makes you awfully stubborn, now doesn't it?
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What is the meaning of stubborn?

stubborn means that you set your own way. When I decided, I am right I do my way no matter or whoever is,I do not listen or act but you are wrong, you change.But I am right t ( Full Answer )
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Are Scopios stubborn?

Some are but not all.\n. \nI wouldn't bring too much in to it, if a person is stubborn its because they're just that. It's not down to a zodiac sign.
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What rhymes with stubborn?

born rhymes whit stubborn :) it is very hard to find a word that rhymes with stubborn but button is a close one
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What is a euphemism for stubborn?

The word "euphemism" means a polite or inoffensive term. What is sought here is a "positive connotation" as opposed to the "negative connotation" of stubborn . Positive conn ( Full Answer )
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How do you become stubborn?

To become stubborn you be angry or ignore someone until you get something you want.
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Why are girls stubborn?

Girls are stubborn for the same reason boys are stubborn. Everyone has an opinion, and some people don't like when people try to get them to change their minds.
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Are goats stubborn?

Yes and no. My goats are rarely stubborn, and when they are they snap right out of it in a few seconds. It is probably because I treat them like people. (Manny my male even tu ( Full Answer )
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Is Antigone stubborn?

Yes , Antigone is stubborn. She's adamant, demanding, inflexible, and uncompromising in her convictions. She's as passionate in the talk as in the walk. The problem is that th ( Full Answer )
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Why are cats stubborn?

usually it's because the owner does not know them very well or the cat is just mad
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Are bulldogs stubborn?

Bulldogs can be stubborn at times, like if they have something their mouths, the will not want to let go of it and will hold on with all of their might. ( and they are pretty ( Full Answer )
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Are labradors stubborn?

Depends on their personality. As a whole, not really. Most have an extreme weakness for food and will typically do anything to get it. They may be considered stubborn if the ( Full Answer )
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Is stubborn positive?

Stubborn is a negative word meaning that a person is unwilling to change their point of view no matter how good the alternative may be. Children are often stubborn. Example ( Full Answer )
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How do you feed stubborn dogs pills?

Here is just an example...When I need to feed my dogs pills i usually pu the pill in a hot dog or a treat the the dog enjoys
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Why are computers stubborn?

Computers can appear to be stubborn for several reasons. One of the most accepted common arguments is that the computer follows its programming. Programs are of course softwar ( Full Answer )
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Are bulls stubborn?

Bulls can be and usually are a very stubborn animal. They do notlike to be told what to do all of the time.
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Are Taurus stubborn?

It completely depends on the Taurus. That is one of there Charateristics, but it depends what else you have on your chart. If this helps, The other personality traits of A ( Full Answer )
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Why are Taurus stubborn?

Because; it's kind of like a defense mechanism. If they are too nice, then they feel like they will get used. But, since they are stubborn, they think that it adds to their pe ( Full Answer )
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How is Bella stubborn?

Bella is stubborn because she refuses to listen to others with supernatural ability and experience rather she prefers to listen to gut instincts rather than to listen to those ( Full Answer )
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Why is your boyfriend stubborn?

He may be stressed bout something ,try talking to him or try to cheer him up
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What is meaning of stubborn?

Stubborn is an adjective similar to obstinate,obdurate,adamant that describes the behavior of an individual who refuses to agree or compromise to any problem and often is eg ( Full Answer )
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What is the sentence for stubborn?

Here is an example sentence with the word 'stubborn': The Bulldog is often stubborn and requires an experienced owner for training.
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How was Galileo stubborn?

Galileo refused to belive Kelper's thoiry that the moon causes the tide, insted beliving it is caused by the earth rotating
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What are things that are stubborn?

Some things that are stubborn are mules, and some dogs, I know that's not what you'd think, but lots are. For instance, whenever I try to put my dog in the laundry room(she ru ( Full Answer )
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Are camels stubborn?

Camels are like most animals in that they are docile and sweet under a caring hand, but stubborn and angry if badly treated. source :- camel -pictures-facts/
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Is it good to be stubborn?

Being stubborn can be either good or bad, it depends what you are being stubborn about. Some principles are worth defending, others are not.
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Is stubborn an adverb?

an adverb is a word that describes a verb. you can't run stubborn, or jump stubborn. if you make it stubbornly, then it is an adverb, you can fight stubbornly,or do something ( Full Answer )