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What does suffragists mean and who were they?

Women and very little men who advocated and campaigned for theright of women to vote in the United States. susan b Anthony -elizabeth cady Stanton -lucretia mott -Carrie Chapm (MORE)
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What is a suffragette?

A "suffragette" is a woman seeking the right to vote. (suffrage). The term is associated with the Women's Suffragette Movement, which sought the right of "suffrage" (i.e. to (MORE)
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Who are suffragist?

The word 'suffrage' means the right to be able to vote in politicalelections. A suffragist advocated for the rights of women to vote.
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Who were the Suffragettes?

The suffragettes were a group of women who campaigned for women to have a right to vote in elections. Some ladies handcuffed them self to the Houses of Parliament but ended up (MORE)
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Who were the suffragists?

The modern women's suffrage movement has a long, arduous and complicated history. It was always a struggle for equality.The movement is commonly thought to have originated w (MORE)
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Whats the difference between smokers vs non-smokers lungs?

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What did the women suffragists do?

Women's suffragists fought to gain the right to vote for women.They were also later involved in the fight to give women the rightto own property.
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Whats the difference in malnutrition and malnourishment?

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Whats the difference a CNA and a rn?

A CNA is a certified nursing assistant and is not an actual nurse.They do things like taking vital signs and assisting nurses. A RNis a registered nurse and has the able to gi (MORE)
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What are suffragettes?

Suffragettes WERE ladies who demonstrated in order to get the vote and came to the forefront of politics in 1903
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Whats the difference with orthodox Easter?

It is usually celebrated later than Catholic & Protestant Easter. However, every few years, all of Christendom celebrate Easter together.
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What did the suffragettes do?

They were a group of women in the early 1900s that campaigned for womens rights in Britain
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Whats the difference between will and shall?

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Whats the difference of a fish and shark?

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Why were the suffragettes named the suffragettes?

The suffix 'ette' is the feminine form of the word. 1897 when Millicent Fawcett founded the National Union of Women's Suffrage. "Suffrage" means the right to vote and that (MORE)
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Whats the difference between Eukaryotic cells vs prokaryotic cells?

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Whats the difference between soaps?

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Who was in the suffragettes?

Emmeline Pankhurst . Christabel Pankhurst . Annie Kenney . Victoria Woodhull . maybe some mor (MORE)
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How were suffragists and suffragettes different?

The suffragettes (female) did not have the right to vote (prior to the enactment of the 19th amendment). Men (including minorities) did have the right to vote. By the early 19 (MORE)
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What were the differences between the suffragists and the suffragettes?

They are really two terms for the same thing. The difference isthat "suffragist" is the term supporters of women's suffrage usedfor themselves. "Suffrgette" was applied to the (MORE)
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Suffragist is derived from?

The term Suffragist refers to a group of people who rallied forrights. The word is derived from the suffrage.
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Whats the difference with iPod Touch?

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There vs their what is the difference?

There stands for a reference to a place. The opposite of HERE, just add the T. Their stands for a reference to a person or a group of people.
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Were the suffragists successful?

This is a very controversial question which many historians have asked themselves over the years. It really depends on your individual view. People also say that women proved (MORE)
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What was the difference of suffragist and anti sufragest?

Suffrage means the right to vote, so a suffragist is, in general, a person in favor of giving the right to vote to a certain group or race. The word 'suffrage' was commonly us (MORE)
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What are the differences between communism and suffragettes?

Suffragettes were the members of a women's movement, in the late 19th early 20th century, seeking the right to vote. Until then only men held that right, aside from a few isol (MORE)