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What does svelt mean?

It's actually spelled "svelte". It means thin, in the physical sense. For example, if a person is thin, they could be called svelte.
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Is Cellu-Svelte Patch safe?

The Cellu Svelte patch is safe to use unless you are allergic to anactive ingredient in it. The patch contains Dandelion and FucusVesiculosus.
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Does svelte help you lose weight?

Perhaps it does, but it has alot of protein in it so it will help you build muscle really well. I think it does help you lose weight though, because the word svelte is swedish ( Full Answer )
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Has anyone tried blooms svelte and lost weight?

Have only just started using it. Have lost 2kg in a week without exercise. It has definitely reduced my cravings for unhealthy food and has suppressed my appetite too. Hope it ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of the world svelte?

The word svelte means slim or slender, especially when referring to one's figure. If a woman is beautiful with a very svelte figure, it means that the woman has a very slende ( Full Answer )