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Who is Sybil Ludington?

On April 26th 1777 Sybil Luddington was the eldest daughter of Colonel Henry Luddington and Abigail Luddington's 12 children. When a messenger brought her father the news that ( Full Answer )
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What did Sybil Ludington look like?

Sybil Ludington did wear a dress most of the time, but during the midnight right she did not.
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When did sybil die?

Shirley Ardel Mason, also known as "Sybil," died on February 26,1998. She was known for her multiple personality disorder andbecame famous because of a book and movie.
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When did sybil marry?

Sybil married around 1115, the exact date is unknown. Sybil wasmarried to Pain fitzJohn. Together they had two children, Cecilyand Agnes.
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Where was Sybil ludington born?

she was born in Fredricksburg, new york. now known as Ludingtonville, new York, in the Kent, new york area.
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Where did Sybil ludington die?

She died in Unadilla, New York. Don't think I'm lying I got it off the Internet!
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What did sybil ludington do for a living?

Sybil Ludington was a 16 year old girl who rode 40 miles to warn ofthe British attacks. She is noted as being the female Paul Revere.She was a messenger during the war but had ( Full Answer )
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What was Sybil Ludington's job?

Sybil Ludington, at 16, rode forty miles and nine hours to raisethe militia to prevent the British Regulars from overtakingDanbury, Connecticut and capturing major stores held ( Full Answer )
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What did sybil ludington do?

Sybil Ludington- Sybil was only 16 when she rode her horsewaking solders and stopped the British from burned houses. Themessage came to say that the British was coming and bu ( Full Answer )
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What did Sybil Luddington do?

Sybil Luddington is famous for her role in the American Revolution.On the night of April 26, 1777 she rode to an American colony towarn them that the British were approaching. ( Full Answer )
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What did sybil ludington do to become famous?

Sybil Ludington is known for a ride she made during RevolutionaryWar. One April 22, 1777 she rode to warn colonial forces of aBritish incursion.
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Where was Sybil Ludington Raised?

She was raised in Kent and Patterson, New York in Putnam County,about 65 miles NE of New York City.
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Is Sybille about schizophrenia?

No. Sybill is about Dissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality Disorder). If you watched the movie I don't know how you could miss it, because it states it very cl ( Full Answer )
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Was Sybil Ludington African American?

Sybil Ludington was a Caucasian and rode through the streets towarn of the British troops twice. She was 16 years old. Her workwas similar to Paul Reveres.
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What was sybil ludington personality?

Sybil Ludington was the female Paul Revere. She did the same jobriding through towns to declare the invasion. Her ride was longerbut less famous.
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Did sybil ludington have any hobbies?

Her favorite thing to do was ride her horse, Star. Sybil Ludington named Star that because of the mark on its forehead.
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What did Sybil Ludington do after the war?

Not much is known about what Sybil Ludington after the war except that she married Edmund Ogden when she was 23 and later on had a son Henry Ogden named after Sybil's father. ( Full Answer )
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What is sybil Wilkes salary?

If she makes more than $500 per year its way too much! She is a bad radio personality..Plus she isn't very intelligent
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What did Sybil Ludington do that was so important?

She rode 40 miles to warn people that the British were attacking during the revolutionary War, just like Paul Revere, only her ride was twice as long.
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Sybil what did her mom do to her?

The red bag with the hose attached was what her mom used to abuse her. She would take the hose and put it inside Sybil's vagina or rectum, so the read bag filled with liquid w ( Full Answer )
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What did Sybil Ludington want to do for a job?

Sybil Ludington, age 16, was sent on a horse to warn the nationthat the "British are coming." She rode 40 miles (twice as far asPaul Revere.) The ride occurred on April 25, 17 ( Full Answer )
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Who is Sybil Ludington's father?

Sybil Ludingtons father was a colonel. He needed someone to gather up his troop so that is what Sybil Ludington did.
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What is Sybil Ludington's mother's name?

Unfortunately I only know her first name which is Abigail but her married name is obviously Ludington.
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How did sybille schmitz die?

13 April 1955 sybille schmitz overdosed on barbiturates and alcohol. there is some debate that her dr. ersala morts was responsible but was cleared and her death was ruled a s ( Full Answer )
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Did Sybil get marryed?

Yes she did. She got married to Edmond Ogden, and had 1 kid named Henry.
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What was Sybil Ludington's family life?

Sybil spent her day at home weaving, spinning, sewing, and knitting, she also helped her mother with cooking and gardening. She also made useful thing like soap, candles, and ( Full Answer )
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Who is sybil kahukiwa?

sybil is the daughter of Edward Toka she was brought up in a little suburb FORDBLOCK
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Why did Sybil break glass. what was the meaning of it?

You must be referring to the 1976 made-for-TV movie "Sybil." The movie is based on a true account of a young woman named Sybil who is diagnosed with a multiple personality dis ( Full Answer )
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What was sybil ludington achievements?

Sybil Ludington achievements were that she rode 40 mile which is twice as much as Paul Revere. She rode because to tell the men to meet at her father's workshop.
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What were the uses of the temples of the Sybil?

The Sybil gave prophecies. Those who wanted these came to thetemple, made offerings, and were given an answer to theirquestions. There were Sybil temples or shrines throughout ( Full Answer )
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When did Sybil Williams die?

Sybil Williams died on March 7, 2013, in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA.
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What has the author Sybil Leek written?

Sybil Leek has written: 'Astrological guide to successful everyday living' -- subject(s): Astrology 'Mr. Hotfoot Jackson' -- subject(s): Folklore, Jackdaw 'Telepathy' -- ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Sybil A Clark written?

Sybil A. Clark has written: 'Christian family guide to parenting a toddler' -- subject(s): Child rearing, Christianity, Religious aspects of Child rearing, Toddlers
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What has the author Sybil Kathigasu written?

Sybil Kathigasu has written: 'No dram of mercy' -- subject(s): World War, 1939-1945, Japanese Prisoners and prisons, Malayan Personal narratives, Underground movements, Hist ( Full Answer )