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What does T T mean?

T.T is supposed to resemble a face.the tops of the t's are closed eys and the lines are streams of tears. the period is the nose. T.T I think its something totally differen ( Full Answer )
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What is AT T?

AT&T is the largest provider of local and long distance telephone services in the United States. Also provides internet connection.
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What does 3 t in a t mean?

It's a kind of riddle where you have to think of a unit of measurement which would fit the equation. In this case: 3 teaspoons in a Tablespoon ( Full Answer )
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What starts with a t ends with a t and has t in it?

A teapot. The word teapot starts and ends with a T. One would use it at tea (afternoon tea). During afternoon tea, the teapot would have tea in it.
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What is a 'T'?

T is a letter. It is the 20th letter of the English alphabet. It is not a vowel, it is a consonant.
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What does carpe dium mean?

It means "Seize The day". The language it is in is Latin, and the correct spelling for it is "Carpe Diem".
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Where is t?

in the alphebet, if u want to know more go to ( :) PS im happy to help
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What does the T stand for in T-Pain?

Tallahassee. He grew up in Tallahassee so his name means Tallahassee Pain from the hardships of growing up as a Muslim.
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What does the t in Fit you to a T stand for?

I searched the internet and found a discussion on this. Their opinion is that the " T" is in reference to a T-Square .. The T-Square is an device used by draftsmen to dra ( Full Answer )
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What does the T in T-Mobile stand for?

The T in T-Mobile stands for Telekom, the second word in the name of German parent company Deutsche Telekom
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What does the T in T-30 mean?

T = Time (time to launch/ignition) .. used in countdown examples: T-30 = 30 seconds to launch/ignition T-1 = 1 second to launch/ignition T-0 = time of launch/ignitio ( Full Answer )
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What does dium mean in English or is it being confused with diem?

Diem is used in several English phrases and means "day." Most notably carpe diem (seize the day) and per diem (per day). Dium is probably some form of the word "god." ( Full Answer )
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What does the t in t-shirt stand for?

It refers to the fact that when lain flat a T-shirt resembles a letter T. The "T" was never meant to stand for anything - the etymology is based on the shape of a T-shirt when ( Full Answer )
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Is T-Mobile together with AT and T?

Most definitely not. They are competitors. AT&T has made several attempts at buying out or acquiringT-Mobile. In one of the more recent attempts, regulators blockedthe potent ( Full Answer )
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At and t or t-mobile?

Soon, they will be the same after the merger is complete. So, if you will have the benefit of both towers, I would choose T-Mobile since they give you more minutes.
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What does the t mean in t cells?

Thymus Lymphocytes could be roughly divided into two categories. B cell and T cell. Though they both originate from the bone marrow, T cell migrate to the" thymus," where ( Full Answer )
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What does the t stand for in mr t?

sorry, but it does not stand for trouble. because his name can sometimes be hard to pronounce, people just call him Mr. T; the "T" stands for his last name which is Tureaud.
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What does the T in t-bag stand for?

The correct way to say it is tea-bag.The t stands for tea. ____________________________________________________________________ that and what he means is T-Bag as it testicl ( Full Answer )
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Did AT and T buy t mobile?

No. AT&T attempted to buy T-Mobile in 2011, but cancelled their $39billion dollar bid in December of 2011 after a law suit was filedagainst them by the US Department of Justi ( Full Answer )
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Does AT and T own T-Mobile?

No. But there are rumors that AT and T will buy out T Mobile. . AT&T attempted to purchase T-Mobile on March 20th, 2011 forthe proposed amount of $39 Billion. The bid was l ( Full Answer )
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What does T in T-shirt stand for?

The 'T' in t-shirt is simply because it it a 't shaped' shirt. Just like a hoodie is called a hoodie just because it has a hood. ;) Read more: ( Full Answer )
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When is AT and T buying t-mobile?

AT&T placed a bid to purchase T-Mobile on March 20th, 2011.This bid was removed, however, in December of 2011 after the USDepartment of Justice filed a law suit against AT&T. ( Full Answer )
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What does 1 you t a t you o - t t mean?

A cat that marry's a dog then a bird that falls in love with the cat and then they all love the bird.
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What does T in T cells stand for?

The T in T-cells stands for the thymus gland. Lymphocytes produced in the bone marrow are either become B-cells or they are matured in the thymus gland and are "trained" to be ( Full Answer )
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Did At and t Buy out T-mobile?

No. AT&T attempted a purchase of T-Mobile in 2011 but removedtheir bid in December 2011 after regulators blocked their attempts.
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Why did AT and T buy T-Mobile?

So that they could create the largest wireless company in the United States from what were the nation's second and fourth providers. They wanted to have twice the subscribers ( Full Answer )
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Is T Mobile together with AT and T?

No, and it does not appear likely they will be. Regulatorsblocked much of the proposed merger, so AT&T has dropped itsplans in December of 2011. . Since, T-Mobile has expande ( Full Answer )
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What does t mean in low T?

Low T is low levels of testosterone in men over the age of 30. Most of the concern comes from advertising campaigns. An endocrinologist is a physician who specializes in hormo ( Full Answer )
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Where does the t in t shirt come from?

The word T-shirt made its way in the Merriam-Webster dictionary around 1920 and was named so for the shape of its outline. During the Great Depression, ranch and farm workers ( Full Answer )
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Is t-mobile owed by AT and T?

No. T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telekom AG, a German company.AT&T has made attemps in the past to purchase T-Mobile, such astheir 39 billion dollar bid in 2011, but has neve ( Full Answer )