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What is the best nickname for Nia?

Nikki probably. I dunno. Lol My name is also Nia and I find it really hard to find nicknames too...Most of my friends call me Neenor (Like the sound of a police car XD) Nini ( Full Answer )
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What does the name nia mean?

Meaning of "Nia" Irish name In Irish, the name Nia means- champion. Other origins for the name Nia include - Irish, English.The name Nia is most often used as a girl name o ( Full Answer )
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How tall is nia long?

43 year old American actress Nia Long is best known for her rolesin "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Third Watch". She is 5'2"tall.
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What are the best seats at the nia Birmingham?

block 02 lower. block 11 lower. block A, B or C on ground floor. BLOCKs 01 and 12 are the worst in the arena as the view is restricted and they are almost sort of behind th ( Full Answer )
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What is nia long worth?

The answer to this question might only be found by either . (a) kidnappung the person and seeing how much their relatives value them . or . (b) trying to sell them on eB ( Full Answer )
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What is nia peeples' religion?

Nia Peeples says she is not your "conventional Christian". She identifies with Christianity and says she reads the bible andprays daily. She does however seem a bit cryptic in ( Full Answer )
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Who is nia vardalos?

Nia Vardalos is a daughter of Greek Canadian Constantine "Gus" Vardalos, a land developer. Her mom Doreen, was a bookkepper and a homemaker. She was born on September 24 1962. ( Full Answer )
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What does NIA stand for on British coins?

It does not stand for anything, it is the last syllable of BRITANNIA. The word is often split on some of the older British coins.
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Why did howard hewett and nia get a divorce?

Howard was let go from his record company at that time. He started trying to run her career, starting many arguements between them; she got tired of it. Rumor has it, he is a ( Full Answer )
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Was nia long in thriller?

No its not Nia Long its a woman name Ola Ray..who sued Jackson over royalties for the video!
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What does nia venita mean?

The words nia venita are of the Esperanto language and translateinto English as our coming. These words translate into French asnotre prochain.
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Is nia long a lesbian?

No, Nia Long is not gay. However, she did play a lesbian woman in the movie "She Hate Me".
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How much did it cost to build the NIA in Birmingham?

It cost about 50p to pay for by the people that wanted to build it but all together 5,609,400 pounds. They only had to pay 50p because of sponsership money that had been sent ( Full Answer )
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Does Nia Peeples have any tattoos?

she has two tattoos. One of a butterfly below her belly button and a wishbone right above her belly button.
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Is Nia Peeples an Illuminati puppet?

No. Assuredly not. As there is no such thing as an "Illuminati puppet," she could not possibly be. Now had she been alive over two hundred years ago and living in Ingolstadt, ( Full Answer )
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What songs appeared on Nia Peeples album Nia Peeples?

1. Kissing The Wind 2. Street of Dreams 3. Faces of Love 4. You Make Me Wanna 5. Hurricane 6. The Entity (Sex) 7. Heaven Help Me 8. Every Word 9. King of Cool 10. Shut Up & Fi ( Full Answer )
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Does Nia Vardalos have a glass eye?

I was wondering what is wrong whis Nia Vardalos eyes and tried to find an answer in google. Maybe she is a good actress, but those eyes distract me and don't let me concentrat ( Full Answer )
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What cause nymphomania nia?

There is no consensus among experts as to the causes ofhypersexuality, and many etiological factors have been proposed.Some research suggests that some cases can be linked to ( Full Answer )
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Which countries end with nia?

· Albania · Armenia · Estonia · Lithuania · Macedonia · Mauritania · Romania · Slovenia · Tanzania
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What are some movies Nia Vardalos acts in?

"Men Seeking Women" (1997) "Meet Prince Charming" (2002) "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (2002) "Connie and Carla" (2004) "My Life in Ruins" (2009) "I Hate Valentine's Day" (2 ( Full Answer )
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Do you like the name Nia?

Its not the best name in the world my opinion is that I hate it
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How old is Nia Sharma?

India TV actress Nia Sharma is 26 years old (born NehaSharma , September 17, 1990).
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Are nia sharma and pooja sharma sisters?

hum wiki waley mamo hain jo har cheese batain they are nor sisters or nor cousin sisters a jatey hain.
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What is nia frazier's email?

The best way to contact Nia is through her twitter (@realniasioux).She doesn't give out her personal email (if she has one).
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How many sisters does nia long have?

Hi Simon I just added to my comment (above) to Anders when I rmebmeered what I had talked about during that Hole 196 episode of the Security Now podcast.It's not that it's pos ( Full Answer )
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For what is Nia Biringham most known for?

Nia Birmingham is most known as avenues for indoor entertainment and sport events. It is one of the largest and busiest arena in the whole of Europe. Nia Birmingham is used fo ( Full Answer )
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What is nia 24 usually referring to?

Nia 24 is a registered trade mark of Niadyne Incorporated. It is a skin care product that purports to provide benefits by using the B-group vitamin, Niacin.
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What is nia fraizers kik?

I'm not really sure if Nia has kik. I do know that she's probably a very nice girl!
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What actors and actresses appeared in Nia - 2006?

The cast of Nia - 2006 includes: Lorena Abrahmson as Voz del Enlazador Lorena Abramson Carlos Cobos as Joe Gustavo Ganem as Dim Fabiana Perzabal as Nia Erwin Veitya as Max
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What is Nia frazier Snapchat?

i met chloe (from dance moms) recently and she said that none ofthem have snapchat names and if there is any snapchat name for niaits fake
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Who is Nia Frazier?

Nia Frazier (born June 20, 2001) is a child dancer who is on theshow Dance Moms. She has released two singles: Star in your OwnLife (2015) and Slay (2015). Her mother is Holly ( Full Answer )