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What is the difference between pa ta sa ta hdd?

Answer . \nI assume you mean the difference between SATA or PATA hard drives. I believe it refers to the connection used inside your computer - SATA is Serial ATA for shor ( Full Answer )
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What does ta mean?

In Britain, ta is used colloquially for thank you mostly said by Australians. Added comment: Polite lot, the Aussies. And quick learners. Ta has been well used in England ( Full Answer )
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What is ta?

This is English slang for 'thank-you'. It's often associated withmore northern dialects, such as Scouse: 'Ta, la!' which means'Thanks, lad.@
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What is Ta Neter?

land of the watchers as is in the book of enoch or land of the gods
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What is the 'TA center'?

The TA Centre is the name given to the training centre for the Territorial Army. The Territorial Army or TA is a reserve land force, that gives support to a countries Regular ( Full Answer )
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Whats love got ta do got ta do wit it.?

Let me refer you to my previous answer on "love.". Is There Such a Thing as "Love?" . It was many hundreds of years ago, in the Middle Ages, starting around the 12th centu ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ta-lat?

how you don't know Talat, are you crazy or something? He is the most popular person in the World.
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What does ta ta for now come from?

When I hear TTFN Ta Ta For Now - I automatically think of 'Tigger', a character from the childrens programme; The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Ta Ta For Now is abbreviated ( Full Answer )
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What state is TA?

There is not a state in the United States that uses theabbreviation of TA. TN is for the state of Tennessee and TX forTexas.
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Who is ta bonham?

Ta Bonham, A very intelligent guy.Great running back, but he's very short but fast should consider playing for AU one day. I think he lives in Opp, Alabama
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Which of the following is a genotype TA ta Tt or none of these?

Tt is a genotype. Each letter is called an allele and represents a different trait. For instance, the T could stand for tall, and the t could stand for short. Because the T is ( Full Answer )
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What does ta and tion mean?

"tá" means "is" (it's the present tense of the verb "bí") "tion" isn't an Irish word.
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What does ta mean in Japanese?

you'll have to elaborate on "ta" if its in a name it means "paddy" as in rice paddy not an Irishman i.e. Tanaka = middle of the paddy
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Ano ang teoryang ta-ta?

.teoryang tata. sa mga kumpas at galaw ng kamay na ginagawa ng mgatao sa mga partikular na okasyon ay ginaya ng dila hanggang ito ayngproduce ng tunog at natutuong magsalita a ( Full Answer )
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Where does ta bacilli bacteria came from?

the bacteria is origenally from a country named bacillitalia. The people there are quite small and hardly noticable...
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Who owns the TA Truck Stops?

TA (Travel Centers of America) does not have a parent company. It'sa publicly traded company.
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What is ta biblia?

It is where the name the bible came from, it's Greek meaning is is" the books"
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What are some words that start with Ta?

Some words that begin with the letters Ta: . Tab . Table . Tackle . Taco . Tact . Tag . Tail . Tailor . Take . Talc . Tale . Talent . Tall . ( Full Answer )
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What does as ta manana mi am-or mean?

What you are trying to say is "Hasta mañana mi amor." This translates as "Untill tomarrow my love."
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Words that begin with the letter TA?

· tacit · tall · talented · tame · tacky · tan · tart · tasteful · table · tablecloth · tadpole · tail · tale ( Full Answer )
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Does it hurt ta get your belly pierced?

well i think it does as they get a hook and scoop it. it has a pained tingle but does go away instantly after it has Been done.
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What is the difference in ton and ta in french?

Ton is used when showing possession of something which is masculine Ta is used when showing possession of something which is feminine
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What does ta mean in English?

Ta is a possessive meaning 'your'. This is followed by a feminine noun, like 'ta voiture' (your car), ta maison (your house). The masculine version is 'ton'.
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What is bi ta in German?

Bitte means please. It may also mean you're welcome after someone says Danke (Thank you.)
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How do you spell san ta Anna?

The Mexican general and intermittent president was Santa Anna (Antonio López de Santa Anna, 1794-1876). The dry winds that blow east-to-west in southern California are ( Full Answer )
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How do you get lot ta?

well i do not know really but i do know that when you play the game lotery you may get it take my advise
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Where did the word ta-da come from?

Sadly, I came here to find if I guessed the answer correctly. I suspect it is a shortened version of a trumpeted fanfare for an English monarch in medieval times. Ta ta ta ta ( Full Answer )
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Is ta a word?

No, "ta" does not appear in any official English dictionaries because it is not a word. "Ta" is used as a short version of the word "Thanks". It looks like it came from Engl ( Full Answer )
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What is the Mean of TA TA 1512 2512 etc?

You can not find the mean of TA, TA, 1512, and 2512. To find the mean you have to have numbers. You can find the mean of 1512 and 2512 by adding the numbers together and divid ( Full Answer )
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Can you find the word Ta Ta in the dictionary?

The words are found in British Dictionaries. Meaning 'Good Bye', and are of uncertain origin. They have been in use since the 1840's