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Why do animals have tails?

Animals have Tails for multiple reasons. One reason is for protection. Example: Iguanas. Another use is to help balance the creature. Example: cats and dogs. Monkeys also use ( Full Answer )
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Why does Tails on Sonic have two tails?

Tails has two tails simply because he was born that way. His two tails enable him to fly. Also, in Japan, foxes with more than one tail are considered very lucky. If you see ( Full Answer )
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Who is tails?

Tails is a two tail fox who is friends with Sonic the Hedgehog. He can fly by spinning he's tails around he is in many of the sonic games. Tails is only 8 and he likes Cream t ( Full Answer )
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Do meteors have tails?

yes, when entering our atmosphere there is friction on the meteor causing it to burn up therefore it looks like it has a tail.
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How do you dock tails?

when the pup is around 5 days old you tie an elastic band round theyr tail and the tail will fall off. that's all i know but check first.
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What is the tail of a comet?

The tail of a comet is basically dust, and sediment burned off of the comet itself.
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What is the Tails Doll?

Visit the author of "The Tails Doll Strikes" book at his forum for details.
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Do meerkats have tails?

Meerkats not only have tails, their tails are almost as long as their bodies! Meerkats use their long tails for balance: They stand on their hind legs and put their tail down ( Full Answer )
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What can monkeys do with their tails?

Most monkeys do not actually hang from their tails, but some kinds grip onto branches with them. Monkeys use their tails to balance as they are walking and climbing along bran ( Full Answer )
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Why Does Tails Have Tails if he is a Fox?

Because foxes have tails. __________________________ Agree with ^ unless you meant why he has tails (plural) instead of a tail (singular). His concept of multiple tails ( Full Answer )
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Why does Tails have two tails?

tails got two tails cause , he use it to fly , and fight .
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What is a tail for?

A Tail is used for certain animals to help them with their life.For example,a cow uses its tail to swat flies,and dogs wag their tails when their happy.
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In heads and tails why is is mostly tails?

Is it? Let's say you flip a coin three times, and it comes up tails each time. You may state that from your experience, tails is preferred overwhelmingly. But three tails is l ( Full Answer )
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Does tails have a brother?

There was something on you tube that showed tails with a four tailed blue fox.
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Why comets have tails?

Because the comet is going so fast there looks like the comet has a tail.
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What do tails do for mammals?

many animals have tails but for different reasons. tails aid animals with balance, movement, defense, mating, and communication, for example dogs and cats have tails as signs ( Full Answer )
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How do you have a tail?

Go and search in youtube or the internet.Or you can make one of your own out of some...thing.
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What do platypuses' tails do?

The tail of a platypus helps the animal to swim and acts as a rudder when it dives. A platypus also stores most of its body fat in its tail to help it survive when food is l ( Full Answer )
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What can chameleons do with their tail?

Chameleons, unlike some other species of lizards, cannot drop their tail voluntarily incorrectly to provide a distraction for predators. Chameleon tails are prehensile, and us ( Full Answer )
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Does posideon have a tail?

No he was the God of Sea in Greek Mythology and did not have a tail ad his kids were Cyclops
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What does the tail of the dragonfly do?

The tail of a dragonfly (called the abdomen) contains many of a dragonflies organs, including its reproductive organs and much of its digestive system. It also acts as a cooli ( Full Answer )
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How Can Humans Get A Tail?

Some humans are born with tails, but that is very rare. People who aren't born with tails and don't grow one, they may be able to have tails installed, but only when that is a ( Full Answer )
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Do meteoroids have tails?

Comets have tails as they consist mainly of ices, which vapourise when the comet approaches the sun, taking some of the dust off with it. Meteoroids are mainly made of rock, t ( Full Answer )
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Do chuopacabras have tails?

No one really knows, since no one knows exactly what is looks like, or if it even exists!
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What does a dog do with its tail?

Well they use it to wag it back and forth. Also dogs use their tail to show the people arround them how they are feeling. If the tail is wagging in a quick motion back and for ( Full Answer )
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How do you plait a tail?

You french braid along the tailbone. Take two small sections from one side of the tail, and one small piece from the other, plait them a little ways, then add more hair from t ( Full Answer )
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How did the kangaroos get their tails?

Only God knows . The Aborigines tell their own story about how the kangaroo got its tail. In the aboriginal Dreamtime , Kangaroo and Wombat were men who once friends. One ( Full Answer )
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What does a tail on a bird do?

When a planes flies, it uses its wing flaps to stabalize it and keep it going steady. The same thing for a bird. It helps the bird turn and fly straight and keep it from flyin ( Full Answer )
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Why does tails the fox have two tails?

i presume it's some kind of birth defect or abnormality. irregardless it's, along with his amazing intellect, one of the two wonderful things bestowed upon him and we all love ( Full Answer )
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Why is tails called tails on money?

Per, the term can be traced at least as far back as the 17th century and probably much earlier. That means it's not American and not related to buffalo nickels. ( Full Answer )
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Why do they call tails on a coin tails?

Because there is usually the head of some emperor or king or queen on the other side. To call the opposite side "tails" just seems to be as good as calling it anything else.
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Who is stronger anti tails or tails?

I would say their the same because tails beats up anti tails and anti tails can beat up tails their clones so my guess is their the same but they know how to hurt each other l ( Full Answer )
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Will tails get any more tails?

If its Tails as in Miles Prower-- Tails was born naturally with two tails, so the answer is no. Tails will only and always have two tails no more or less, he won'tand cannot ( Full Answer )