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What is the effect of takking anti-Hestamine?

I have visited ENT doctor yesterday and he said that the there will be an affect on the liver. I do not know if this is very much true or not....
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What is Norwegian word tak in English?

Thank you. Answer . "Tak" is the Norwegian word for roof or ceiling. "Takk" means Thank You.
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What is taks?

the taks is a test that tests you knowledge on that subject. the taks is a test that tests you knowledge on that subject
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What happens if you do not pass the TAKS test?

You will get another chance depends of the test if you are in 8th grade, you will get another chance and if you fail a scond time, you get held back. you also need to pas ( Full Answer )
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How long does it tak to become a nurse?

Answer for the UK. . The route to becoming a qualified nurse is currently by way of a university diploma or degree. The courses are generally 3 years in length and both le ( Full Answer )
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How old is tak from invader zim?

about more than 70 years old, she said she hunted zim down for 70 years
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How long does it taks earth to rotate?

One Day, or 24 hours.. Twenty four hours is the rough and commonly understood period of rotation, since we know that a day of universal time is exactly 24 hours in length. Bu ( Full Answer )
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Who is tak?

a character from the show "invader zim" and one of my favorite characters at that! Well I'm not sure.......
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What does TAKS stand for?

If your talking about the TAKS in Texas it stands for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
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How do you remove sticky tak?

Rub your hands with a rag with a small amount of gas on it. Do not do this near any open flame or even cigarettes. Dispose of the rag safely afterwards.
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Why do you have to take the taks test?

some people say to see what kids r learning these days... they said because we cant get smarter..i say cuz its a waste of time and it is to see if we r smart
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What rhymes with TAKS?

Taks isn't an English word. Do you mean "tacks" as in the thumbtacks that you pin things up with? Or maybe you mean "tax" as in money you pay the government? fax, lacks, ax ( Full Answer )
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What is the point of TAKS?

It is to ensure that you have enough knowledge to move on to your next grade level. It covers most of the things you have learned in the year.
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When do TAKS scores come back?

On special occasions it may come in two weeks. Like if your principal had the scores with her/him and decided to share it with you early. Usually it comes at the last day of s ( Full Answer )
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Does zim like tak?

He might- in an episode of invader zim, it was valentines day and Tak wrote Zim a poem. Throughout that week, Zim gave Tak stuff like chocolate, presents, and notes. He even h ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get the Tak and the Power of Juju soundtracks?

Im currently starting to upload Tak and the Power of Jujusoundtracks on youtube. Check my channel out for them! (sirSTFU) ( Full Answer )
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Can you tak a loan for your study?

Yes. If you are under 18 you will need a cosigner. This could be your parent or another relative with good credit.
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Will your friends pass the TAKS test?

No. They will both stay up all through the night before the test, cramming to make up for all the studying they didn't do in the weeks and months before. They will both fail ( Full Answer )
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What do you take the taks test?

S o you can learn more once you go to the next level in grade or if you do. You also take the Taks Test to tell teachers if you are ready to go to the next grade.
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How do you tak a carburetor out of a 50cc yamah?

You will have a fuel flow line and a return line. You should have a twist cap on top for the throttle, there should be a tue clamped on the backside for air unscrew that and t ( Full Answer )
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Its fair or unfair that you have to take taks?

It is NOT fair because they should just add togather the average the student has all togather and see if it is an officail good grade .
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What is the minimum score you can get on a taks test?

sandra scores on the first 4 test were 87,92,76 and 89 what is the minimum score sandra nees to make on the fifth test so that her mean test score is at least 85? explain
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Why is TAKS important?

Because , it shows if the students are learning throughout the year or not , that's why they have benchmarks , and taks . To show if their intelligence is on the right track.
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Who is tak from invade zim?

Tak is a fellow Irken that has a vendetta against Zim because he caused her to miss the test for becoming a certified Irken invader and so she is seeking her revenge against Z ( Full Answer )
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Does tak love zim?

yes because he kept trying to give her stuff and gifts but she loves Dib the most because he talk to each other and laugh.
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Does tak love dib?

There's no indication whether Tak likes , or dislikes , Dib . Tak does hate Zim .
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How do you tak care the relationship?

Talk to the other person. Ask them what they feel is wrong with the relationship. Confront them on how you truly feel about it. Then tell them you want to talk to them, and fi ( Full Answer )
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What caste does Tak surname belong to?

tak surname belongs to caste kalal who are in the profession of selling liqar.they come under obc.
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Does zim hate tak?

yes he does. you might think he likes her but he doesn't! he just pretends to because tak likes him. in the episode, tak gives zim a poem and zim is not happy about it **EDIT ( Full Answer )
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What is the taks test now call?

It is called the star test. It will not be called the taks test anymore, but it will be called the star test.
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How do you give a news to aaj tak?

go to google and open express tv channel and find out the contct number of ajj tk program
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What is Aaj Tak and what does it mean?

Aaj Tak is an Indian news station, based out of New Delhi. The name Aaj Tak translates into English as "Up To The Minute". It is watched by 45 million viewers in India.
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What does the acronym TAKS stand for?

The acronym TAKS stands for 'The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills'. It is a test for grades between 9 and 11 to assess skills like reading, writing and math.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Tak tak - 1993?

The cast of Tak tak - 1993 includes: Renata Berger as Woman in TV Monika Bolly as Zuzia Anna Ciepielewska Malgorzata Foremniak as Woman on party in NY Antonina Girycz as TV Re ( Full Answer )