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What is a talbot?

A Talbot is an extinct snow-white hunting dog, so large and skilled (by way of its keen sense of smell), that it was rumoured to be able to bring down a horse in wintertime.

Who is Connie Talbot?

At age six Connie Talbot, who was born in Britain, came in second to Paul Potts in Britain's got talent 2007. She has since made three albums, two singles and a dvd. She has g (MORE)

Who is John talbot?

John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury was an important English military commander during the Hundred Years' War, as well as the only Lancastrian Constable of France.

What is Sophie talbot?

Sophie talbot is obviously a girl she is very strange and she is also very wierd hahaha ---------------------------------------------------- omg u r so rude 4 askin dat que (MORE)

Is Connie Talbot selfish?

No, Connie isn't selfish. She has a very giving spirit. At a young age she is supporting charities, notably the US Toys for Tots program. She gives to Cancer charities through (MORE)

What happened to Connie Talbot?

If you want to follow her, links to her various web sites are provided below. She can now be followed on twitter at ConnieTabot607. Most recently she appeared with the YoungVo (MORE)
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What is a Talbot fish?

Chrysiptera talboti is more commonly known as Talbot fish. The fishis a marine fish. It is yellow in color and reached to be about 6centimeters in length.