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How do you get a tan?

You sit in the sun for about 2-3-4 hours. No! Do not sit in the sun for that long. You could get dehydrated and get sun poisioning! Use tanning lotion is the way i find (MORE)
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How can i get a tan while tanning outside?

A Good Tan . There are two ways to get a good tan while outside. One way isto use tanning lotion or baby lotion and put a good amount on butdon't rub it in. Second way is to (MORE)
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How can you get a tan?

Whether tanning indoors or outdoors, it is important to be safe. You should NEVER overexpose yourself. It is the OVEREXPOSURE that can cause skin damage, not the exposure itse (MORE)
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How do you get tan?

There are many ways that you can get tan. One of the most popular is the sun. It is free, and it is nice to bask in the sun. The sun may be free, but too much exposure can cau (MORE)
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How do you tan?

You can either go to a tanning bed, get a spray tan, or lay out in sun and tan. All except for spray tans can lead to severely increased chances of skin cancer, however.
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Why do you tan?

Some people tan to feel beautiful, to not look so extremely white compared to many people who aren't nearly as white. Others tan to get rid of acne
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How can you get tan?

Being outside in the sun is helpful. Even if you don't have time to lay out just being outside does a fair bit. Revealing clothing helps make it even throughout your body, a b (MORE)
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Can you tan in a tanning when you are pregnant?

No. Several people do it, but it's not a good thing at all. It can cause serious injury to your fetus. I would definitely wait until you have your baby to get back in the tann (MORE)
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Can you tan naturally after a spray tan?

Yes you can tan naturally after a spray tan. I would recomend you go in the sun just like normal, with the assistance of sunblock. Tanning would be fine.
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Why do you get a rash after tanning in a tanning bed?

you should never get a rash! i recommend seeing a doctor and then find a new tanning company.. ^untrue. A rash after tanning can be due to several different factors. The most (MORE)
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How do you get the tan?

You can get a tan in a few ways. The most popular way to get a tanis to lay out in the sun. Some other ways to get a tan is, using atanning bed, a tanning lotion, or tanning s (MORE)
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What does tans do to you?

Tans darken your skin and give you vitamin e, if you are suggesting to the sun. But if you are talking about artificial tans, then they wrinkle your skin, when you grow older. (MORE)
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How old do you have to be to tan at a tanning salon?

You don't really have to be a certain age, if you are under the age of 18 then it you must have a parent/guardian consent. But sometimes it also depends on the Salon, they may (MORE)
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How do you go tanning in a tanning bed?

lie down on your back then 5 mins l8r flip you body so your are on your stomac Briar Carwell's edit: The previous answer is incorrect for most modern beds. It varies fr (MORE)
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Why do you itch after tanning in a tanning booth?

Either you're sunburned or you're skin is very dry. If you're burnt, try aloe vera. If you're skin is dried out, try a lotion made for indoor tanners that has hemp seed ( a ve (MORE)
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Can you artificailly tan after a spray tan?

Yes you can, however it's not safe as you can't see the colour of your skin underneath and spray tans don't provide and SPF so therefore you would be more likely to burn.
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Can you get a tan after using fake tan?

A fake tandyes the skin. A real tan activates the melanin in the skin - twodifferent things that sort of look the same. As long as the productused to get the fake tan doesn't (MORE)
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How do you get an awesome tan in a tanning bed?

Make sure to shower and moisturize before arriving at a tanning salon, use a tanning lotion because they do help you tan about 70% better than it would be without using a tann (MORE)
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Why do you get tanned?

People get tanned because when the sun is beaming on you for a long time your skin gets burned but not to extreme measures then after awhile it peels :D
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Does showering after tanning remove your tan?

Depends on the tan- sun tan (no)-spray tan (it will fade every time you shower)- tanning lotion(depending on what the bottle said, water might take it off or it might stay on (MORE)
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Will you be tan the first time tanning?

Depending on your natural skin tone is wether you will tan the first time you are out in the sun. If you have pale skin you are more likely to burn so put sunblock on, 15+ and (MORE)
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How do you get your neck to tan in a tanning bed?

Tilt your head back to expose your neck. Make sure you use a goodtanning lotion so that your neck doesn't burn as easily and only dothis for a few minutes in each tanning sess (MORE)
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Why are you tan?

You are most likely, naturally dark, and it's in the pigmentation in your skin, that causes you to absorb the sun.
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Can you uv tan after a spray tan?

Yes, but you should wait until after your initial shower from your spray tan appointment. You should also keep in mind that spray tanning is not a sun protectant and you will (MORE)
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What are the different ways to tan or to get tan?

Going out side and using tanning lotion. Or one that always works is get Crisco (the vegetable oil) rub it on your body and sit outside for 30 minutes and do it every day fron (MORE)
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How can you get a tan from a tanning studio?

For a long time, the only way you could tan at a tanning studio wasin a tanning bed, which is primarily UVA light. Research has showntanning bed exposure to be linked to cance (MORE)
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What is a tan?

A tan is a change in your skin color based on exposure to sun or other UV rays. The sunlight makes your skin start to produce more melanin, which is a coloring that makes your (MORE)