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Can you shower after tanning?

If you are talking about natural tanning then yep u can but unatural tanning id wait a bit just to make sure
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Do we get tanned on swimming?

It really depends on what kind of swimming your doing. If your floating, still, and in the sun yes. But, if your swimming very quickly, your probably not going to get one.
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Why do you get a rash after tanning in a tanning bed?

you should never get a rash! i recommend seeing a doctor and then find a new tanning company.. ^untrue. A rash after tanning can be due to several different factors. The most (MORE)
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How do you get tanned quickly?

Getting a sunless spray tan, as in airbrush, mystic, or versaspa will give you a tan in a number of hours. Also using bronzing lotion will contribute to a quickertan. If using (MORE)
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What does tans do to you?

Tans darken your skin and give you vitamin e, if you are suggesting to the sun. But if you are talking about artificial tans, then they wrinkle your skin, when you grow older. (MORE)
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What is the definition of tanning?

laying in a bed . getting tan . duh? whoever wrote that answer was a bit stupid's a better answer. plz write a message on my message board. i promise to (MORE)
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How do you get tans for zwinky?

you dont and the person that ask this is a blonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The answer above is a bit strange but you get a tan by doing a wardobe transfer on zwinky. Heres a v (MORE)
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How do you go tanning in a tanning bed?

lie down on your back then 5 mins l8r flip you body so your are on your stomac Briar Carwell's edit: The previous answer is incorrect for most modern beds. It varies fr (MORE)
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Why do you itch after tanning in a tanning booth?

Either you're sunburned or you're skin is very dry. If you're burnt, try aloe vera. If you're skin is dried out, try a lotion made for indoor tanners that has hemp seed ( a ve (MORE)
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What is insta-tan?

It is a lotion to get a quick tan.
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How can you get fast tans?

Get a spray tan (takes 30 min) (lasts 2 weeks) . Go tanning (takes 20 min.) . Sit outside ( 15-30 min.) . Play in a swimming ( 2x faster the regular tanning)
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Why do you get tanned?

People get tanned because when the sun is beaming on you for a long time your skin gets burned but not to extreme measures then after awhile it peels :D
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Is tanning unhealthy?

It depends on what tanning you do Red light: Rid of acne Whitens teeth it you use whitening strips and keep them in ther ewhile your tanning and it whitens your teeth :)
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What is tanning industry?

The Tanning Industry is comprised of a group of companies and individuals that contribute to indoor tanning. These groups include but are not limited to ; tanning lotion manuf (MORE)
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Why is tanning protective?

Having a base tan is considered slightly protective because a base tan provides you with sun protection comparable to an SPF 4. Without a base tan you are more likely to burn (MORE)
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What is the tanning effect? cancer. 2. aging spots 3. ugliness. 4. looking fake and unnatrual (ew!)
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How do you get really tanned?

Step 1) Go to the toilet Step 2) Make out with your same gender Step 3) Drink exactly 253 cups of pink lemonade Step 4) Kill the inventor of sunscreen. Oh wait, he's already (MORE)
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Can you get ringworm from tanning?

No but I do know it is contagious and any one who knows they caught it but does not see Any spots yet should take a shower to avoid em
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What does tanning do?

Tanning temporarily darkens the pigment in your skin. Thus giving you darker skin.
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How do you get rid of tanning?

You can use melacare cream to remove tanning. Melacare cream is very effective is used properly. Apply melacare cream evenly on exposed skin before going to bed every night.
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What is tanning effect?

Tanning is a result of exposure to sun rays. When skin gets exposure to UV rays melanin production increases. There are number of methods to remove tan, but it can take long. (MORE)
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How is tanning protective?

Tanning was once thought to be protective against further exposureto the sun. However, the latest medical opinion is that it is sundamage instead, leading to skin cancers.