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Does taning burn calories?

To tan means to make brown by exposure to the sun. This doesn't burn calories. . However, the informal meaning of tan is to beat. This activity can burn calories. . You (MORE)
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When was Taneli Kuusisto born?

Taneli Kuusisto was born on June 19, 1905, in Helsinki, Finland.
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When did Taneli Kuusisto die?

Taneli Kuusisto died on March 30, 1988, in Helsinki, Finland.
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What movie and television projects has Taneli Rinne been in?

Taneli Rinne has: Played Ukkola in "Tuntematon sotilas" in 1955. Played Carlo in "Teatterituokio" in 1962. Played Toimittaja Anttila in "Teatterituokio" in 1962. Played Jokke (MORE)
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What has the author Mari Taneli written?

Mari Taneli has written: 'Lukiasiakas kirjastossa' -- subject(s): Reading disability, Services for, Libraries and people with disabilities, Dyslexics