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What is taste?

The sense of taste begins with the taste buds, located on top of the fungiform papillae, or the large bumps on the tongue. Other taste receptor cells can be found on the palat ( Full Answer )
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How can you get your taste back?

When one has different types of cancer treatments, they will losethen sense of taste. The sense will automatically come back on itsown.
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How does candy taste?

Candy would taste sweet with a different kind of after tastedepending on the flavor of the cany you are eating.
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Can a shark taste?

A shark can taste, even though it has no tongue. That is why a shark spits your leg out, because you taste like soot and poo.
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How does a fig taste?

\nFigs taste really good. They are sweet and the seeds are small so there is no pit. Figs aren't acidic, so they are easily digested by even small children. They make great ( Full Answer )
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Where does taste come from?

Taste is a sense that comes from taste buds that are located on thetongue. Taste buds are located within papillas.
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Can you lose your taste?

The ability tp taste things is a function of the brain. In certain circumstances taste can be lost.
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What are taste pores?

Taste pores are your taste buds. These are the tiny papules on the surface of your tongue that allow you to taste things. They are technically called called gustatory organs. ( Full Answer )
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How can you taste?

Taste is one of the five senses, it uses sensory impressions offood or other substances on the tongue. The taste buds on thetongue help the person taste the food.
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How do your taste buds taste food?

we taste them by licking nd chewing the food so are taste buds process what we are eating.
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How does a strawberry taste?

A bit sour but very delicious. But you would have to judge that for yourself.
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How does fruit get its taste?

The sweet taste comes from sugars while sour tastes come from organic acids but the aromatic flavours come form a variety of chemical compounds some of which are called esters ( Full Answer )
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What is tasting spoon?

A spoon that the head chef uses to taste the food before it is served to the costumer
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How does coffee taste?

Coffee tastes delicious if you add some Coffee-Mate to it. They have tons of great flavors to make your coffee taste fantastic! Personallly I prefer to add the liquid Coffee-M ( Full Answer )
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Why is it useful to have tastes?

Its Useful To Have Tastes Because If You Didt You Would Taste How Anything Would Taste Like Also If You Dont Taste Anything Your Tongue Is Useless .
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Does potassium have an taste?

Yes, however you would never want to taste it in its elemental form since it is highly reactive with water (your Sylvia). That said, most bases have bitter taste including th ( Full Answer )
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How an omelet taste?

I can smell the omelette that is very healthy and I am ready to it eat. It tasted so good so I cooked more because the egg taste stand out like the color orange and when I eat ( Full Answer )
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The taste of halite?

Halite is a mineral but also it is salt. So it tastes like salt, or salty
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How do you know that tastes when you have never tasted it?

Because while most of us think that foods are only tasted through our taste-buds, the nose is where most foods get their taste. For example, when you have a cold, your nose is ( Full Answer )
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How does water have a taste and not have a taste?

PURE water has no taste as it is just H2O. However tap water usually has ions (magnesium, calcium etc) in it giving it a slight taste of that ion. But these ions are harmless ( Full Answer )
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Can Vulcans taste?

The one essential difference is that Vulcans have only 28 teeth, as they lack one pair of back molars.
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How does creatine taste?

Depending on the form of Creatine you get, it can vary. Creatine in the form of powder is pretty much tasteless. If you mix it with a sports drink, or some kind of fruit juic ( Full Answer )
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What can you taste at the pool?

Assuming you are referring to the gene pool. As such the answer is probably faded denim.
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How does tobacco taste?

Depends on what one, some tobaccos have a delightful nutty flavour, cigars tend to be more flavoursome than cigarettes as the tobacco in them is so much more pure
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Why does taste taste good?

taste does taste good if taste didnt taste good then taste woukd tatse just as bad as bad so yea its
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Why can you not taste salt?

you can because the molecules of salt fit into certain indentions (taste buds) that create a sour taste
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How do seahorses taste?

i'm not sure but i guess it doesn't taste go cause of it hard skin
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How you taste your food?

your taste buds let you eat and taste all the food you want to eat.
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Do your taste buds taste mayones?

Yes your taste buds can taste mayonnaise, unless all of your taste buds are dead, than you cant taste anything.
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How marshmallow is in taste?

Marshmallows taste light and fluffy in your mouth in that sort of unexplainable way. I don't know if this happens to everyone else, but if I were to eat too many marshmallows, ( Full Answer )
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Can an anosmic taste?

Since an anosmic cannot smell food, their ability to taste is impaired. A person with a fully functioning sense of smell uses it to identify food and sense flavor. However, si ( Full Answer )
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What is copy tasting?

Copy tasting is about selecting the right stories to run and thenputting them on the right page with other stories to make pagesbalanced and interesting, that the reader will ( Full Answer )
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Can you taste your taste buds?

Your taste buds can't taste themselves but as gross as it sounds, if you eat other taste buds you will be able to taste them. Don't ask me what they taste like though because ( Full Answer )