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Is tit for tat a selfish act?

Answer . Tit for tat? I don't know about selfish, but it is the first tool that many people use to persuade someone to do things their way. (e.g. If you do this, then I'll ( Full Answer )
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How did the phrase tit for tat originate?

Answer . This phrase tit for tat is believed to be a corruption of tip for tap , which meant "a blow for a blow."
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What relevance is tats to walkies?

Answer . Probably from tats, tatters (for babies' 'walkies' - no doubt from 'ta-ta') etc.
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What did Vanessa Hudgens do tat was wrong?

She took 5 pictures of herself, 4 of them being in under garments, and the last being completely nude. she put these on the internet available for everyone to see.
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What is tat strongest Bakugan?

drago is the strongest inside. even if the Gs are low he has 1000000 Gs inside. ISNT THAT COOL?!?!!
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What is the meaning of working the tat?

"The Tat" is a short con in which the con man fixes a dice game with a magnet, typically hidden up his sleeve.
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What does tatted up mean?

people usually say this inregards to people who have a lot of tattoos all over their body.
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Which art is older Tatting or Crochet?

Crochet evolved from tambour which is known to have been practiced in the 16th century while tatting evolved from netting which originated 2000 years ago.. It is clear that n ( Full Answer )
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Why does lil Wayne have 3 tats?

He has way more than that. And people get "tats" because they want to. Usually to represent something. actually his whole body is covered in tats nd most of them represent h ( Full Answer )
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Coup de tat?

It's spelled "coup d'etat." It means to overthrow or suddenly change a government or state (ie: "etat"), usually illegally and often in a violent way. From the French, "to suc ( Full Answer )
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Songs tat start with c?

"California" by Melissa Etheridge. "California Girls" by The Beach Boys. "Call Me" by Blondie. "Call On Me" by Janet Jackson. "Calling You" by Blue October. "Camisado" by ( Full Answer )
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What does 'tit for tat' mean?

It means you're going to repay whatever they did with something similar. For example, if somebody ate your cupcake without asking, you could eat their pie and say "tit for tat ( Full Answer )
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People with tats are they going to hell?

no those people will not go to hell because that is why god died to erase all of our seines so that we can go to heaven.
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What Lil Wayne tats are fake?

None. All of them are real. Why would he have fake ones?wtf y would u even ask a stupid ? like that of course there REAL STUPID
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What is Another saying for tit for tat?

the Latin phrase: quid pro quo commonly used in North America means something for something; that which a party receives (or is promised) in return for something he does or gi ( Full Answer )
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What form of technology is TAT?

TAT can stand for several things. It can stand for ThematicApperception Test, which is psychological in function. It can alsorefer to aviation technology.
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Does tom kaulitz have a tat?

As far as I know and everybody else, Tom does not have a tattoo, ...Unless he does have one and we no nothing about it..
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What rhymes with tats?

These words rhyme with 'tats': . Cats . Bats . Rats . Fats . Hats . Mats
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Why do i think tat i am an incarnation of god?

It happens to most of the people, who follow or listen to the stories of incarnation of gods, mostly people from the zodiac signs Aquarius or Pisces have such thoughts. It is ( Full Answer )
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How do you know tat Allan Hyde is gay?

Because he'd tell you if he was. You must understand that coming out to a Danish man is different than coming out for an American. Americans, because of their puritan upbringi ( Full Answer )
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What is the shabd roop of tat in sanskrit?

tat tatm tate tata tate ttam " tatabhyam tatabhi " " " tatashu " tatabhi : " tatami tatani tat " tatahe he tat he tatm he tate
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What does it mean when you tat red lips on your body?

Traditionally speaking, it is a tattoo that you get when you are married or in a committed relationship...and the lips are to be those of your beloved. But! Like most designs ( Full Answer )
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Can you get a tat on your hand in sc?

As long as you are of legal age, you can get a tat anywhere on your body that you wish.
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What about Cassie and tat cat 43?

They could go together if he was her type and he might have to many tattoos that's why his name is tat cat 43
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What is a tit for tat relationship?

Its never giving something in a relationship without expecting somekind of payback in return. Like I will pick up the kids if you cookdinner, or I will buy this lawnmower but ( Full Answer )
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Does Justin b have a tat of Selena Gomez?

Sorry to burst your bubble but ... no he does not ... a reason why he dosen't? well that would be maybe because thats weird and what if they ever broke up and his ex saw that? ( Full Answer )
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Who owns the yacht tats?

The super yacht TATS was sold in May 2012 (list price$17.9 million) by Jody O'Brien of Fraser Yachts, Ft. Lauderdale, FLto an undisclosed party. The TATS (formerly Loret ( Full Answer )
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Is tat a word?

Yes, tat is a word, "tat" is tying knots in thread andusing a small shuttle to form lace.
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Where can one watch video tutorials of tatting?

One can watch video tutorials of tatting on Instructables and You Tube. One can also find information on tatting on Bella Online, Tatted Treasures and Squidoo.
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How did the phrase tit for tat originate -?

In its current form it dates from the mid 1500's. Prior to that the expression was 'tip for tap' meaning a 'blow for a blow'
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What has the author Tat Wei written?

Tat. Wei has written: 'An exposition of the holy arctic canon regarding eternal truth and ultimate reality =' -- subject(s): Meditation, Reality, Spiritual life, Tao, Truth