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What does tbh mean?

tbh in proper english is "TO Be Hired" but if it is used in a non-pc fashion Tbh stands for , "to be honest" This is an example of how tbh may be used . "No mate , i don' ( Full Answer )
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Why are there words like lol tbh or btw?

Lol - Laugh out loud/ lots of love tbh - to be honest btw - by the way These were created prbably by msn addicts or facebookers. Just an easier way to talk fast through intern ( Full Answer )
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What does tbh stand for on facebook?

to be honest. usually used when someone wants you to like their status, so they can tell you what they think about you.they like u :)
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What does tbh stands for?

TBH, stands for To Be Honest. -_- Well that face would inquire teenagers otherwise that's what tbh means(:
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What do LMS and TBH mean in text?

Lms= like my status Tbh= to be honest. A TBH is an honest message sent from one person to another, telling them what they really think. Usually a TBH is a compliment, but ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of tbh on facebook?

To Be Honest - Normally happens when someone is admitting something to another person 'I don't actually like your present tbh.'
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What does tbh mean in a text message?

tbh means 'To Be Honest' 'LMS for TBH' is also a very popular trend on social networking sites. When someone posts this as a status they are offering their friends the chanc ( Full Answer )
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What happened between Andrea tbh and Allison hailey?

I don't know if this is totally true, but from what i've seenpeople say, is that allison texted andrea telling her that she wasmad because they'd never talk anymore and that s ( Full Answer )
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Who is Andrea tbh?

Andrea Tbh is a viner. She's been on vine for quite some time. Andshe makes funny vines. pretty girl with pretty personality