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What is tea?

Tea is a drink made from the leaves (and sometimes other parts) of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are processed in different ways, and then are brewed into a bevera ( Full Answer )
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What is in tea?

It depends on whether you refer to leaf tea or the beverage. Thechemical composition of leaf tea will vary depending on manyfactors, such as the variety, how it was dried, whi ( Full Answer )
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If i had a tea and you had a tea how many teas in that?

tea+tea=2tea... OR "If i had a tea and you had a tea how many teas in THAT"which means "How many T's are in THAT" so it is basicly 2... there are also another 1 or 2 outcomes
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What does tea do for you?

Tea contains anti-oxidants which are designed to slow the process of aging by preventing free radicals from oxidizing biological molecules or reduces the formation of free rad ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get the tea?

There are lots of online site which provides Tea bags and tea like Oolong tea, Best loose leaf tea, Chai tea and Rooibos tea
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How do you make tea from a tea plant?

The tea plant (camellia sinensis) is were all teas come from. The different kinds of tea (white, green, oolong, and black) come from the different methods that the leaves of t ( Full Answer )
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Is tea the solute in iced tea?

No, in iced tea the tea is the solvent (the more abundant substance) and the sugar (if you add the some) is the solute (the less abundant substance). Hope this helps:) Leolov ( Full Answer )
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What do people have with tea at tea time?

tea and scones, deary Tea cakes, crumpets. Strawberries and cream in season. The above would apply to Afternoon Tea High Tea would be something light eaten with a knife a ( Full Answer )
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Is green tea an herbal tea?

Herbal teas contain no Camellia sinensis leaves at all. Theirflavor comes from a combination of herbs, spices, botanicals andnatural flavors. Since they contain no tea leaves, ( Full Answer )
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What types of teas are herbal teas?

Herbal teas are blends of herbs and plants that are brewed / steeped like tea, but do not contain the tea plant ( Camellia sinensis ). A few common examples of herbal teas in ( Full Answer )
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What type of tea is pu'er tea?

pu'er tea (also known as puer and puerh) is one of the rawest tea in the world. Unlike teas such as green tea, it is not baked. Because of this, living microbes in the te ( Full Answer )
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Is green tea herbal tea?

Yes, it is best one tea that can help to reduce your weight andincrease your energy, Green Weight Loss Tea is presently aconsiderable measure more than just a refreshment. In ( Full Answer )
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Have to take tea bag out of tea?

It is not absolutely necessary to take the tea bag out of your tea. Many people I know leave the bags in the pot and the pot on the warming element of the stove. This will how ( Full Answer )
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Is Republic of Tea tea organic?

As of writing this answer, October of 2010, only a small number of Republic of Tea's offerings are currently organic. Most of their teas are not . The company has been slowly ( Full Answer )
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Where was the tea from the Boston Tea Party?

It was English tea on English ships. The smugglers who brought in Dutch tea at a cheaper selling price were upset because the English had LOWERED the taxes on the English tea ( Full Answer )
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What kind of tea is ceylon tea?

Ceylon tea is tea from Sri Lanka; Ceylon is just an old name for Sri Lanka that is rarely used outside of tea circles, so the name has become synonymous with tea produced i ( Full Answer )
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What is tea in tea party an abbreviation of?

Well the Boston Tea party was after officials in Boston refused to return shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by th ( Full Answer )
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What was the Tea Boston tea party?

The Boston Tea Party was when between 30 and 130 men, some disguised as Mohawk Indians, boarded three different British Tea ships and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston ( Full Answer )
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Is oolong tea an herbal tea?

No. Oolong tea is in its own category. Oolong is usually described as somewhere between black tea and green tea and has a quite distinct flavor. However, herbal oolong teas ca ( Full Answer )
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Is herbal tea really tea?

Yes, it is good one pure natural with energetic tea. You will neverget any effect in your body.
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What to have for tea?

Well - it's not tea-time yet in the UK (it's only 10:00 am) - BUT - I'll be making my own Chinese 'take-away' later. I'll be making sweet & sour soup, prawns on sesame toast, ( Full Answer )
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How does tea get into tea bags?

Presently, you must have a couple executes nearby. You will require a pot or container to warm the water, and you may need to utilize a tea ball into which you put the free ta ( Full Answer )
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How does tea dissolve from tea bag?

) thankyou for your consideration and help in this rather curiousquestion. Thanks to you now i know the answer... :)
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How do you turn tea leaves into tea?

you crush them then put them into a thing that has holes (i bought mine) and put it inside.. then dip it in hot water :)
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How is tea made from tea leaves?

At the point when making tea, you must be manage of the water temperature, the right breaking point, and how to appropriately dunk in and out the crate. There are lots of tea ( Full Answer )
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What did the Boston Tea Party have to do with tea?

The Boston Tea party was a result of the British LOWERING the tea tax on British tea to the colonies. They were trying to under cut the Dutch smugglers who were selling a lowe ( Full Answer )
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How does tea bags filter tea?

Tea bags normally contain the dust tea leaves and it is made up of strainer paper material. once it is dipped in the hot water the tea leaves absorb the water and gives away ( Full Answer )
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Is regular tea black tea?

Yes, You can drink 2 or 3 times in a day as well as you will get the protein your body. When you are devouring tea particularly for weight reduction you will most likely ought ( Full Answer )
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Is oolong tea black tea?

No, There are more than 6 types of tea which has different types ofenergy quality.
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Is ceylon tea green tea?

Ceylon tea is simply tea grown in Sri Lanka, a country that was formerly known as Ceylon. The most famous Ceylon teas are black, but they grow green tea as well.
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Is peach tea an herb tea?

It's an herbal infusion - there actually isn't any tea in herbal"teas" - they're just marketed as teas because they're brewed andsteeped in the same manner.
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Is liberty tea black tea?

In Chinese, "black tea" is just a commonly used group for post-fermented teas, including chai tea; outside China and its neighboring countries, "red tea" more commonly describ ( Full Answer )
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Where to get tea?

If you would like to buy online tea just go through here you will get all types of tea which one do you like to prefer for your health because Tea gives always ( Full Answer )
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Is spearmint tea a herbal tea?

Yes, spearmint tea is a herbal tea. It is an aromatic herb of themint family, the common garden mint widely used for the culinarypurposes.