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What are the teachings of Confucius?

Basically, Confuscius advocated a polite, orderly society. The basic reference source for Confucianism is the I Ching. Even though that book is often used for the purpose of d ( Full Answer )
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What is teaching profession?

There are many different types if teaching professions. You couldbe a professor, art teacher, music teacher or a martial artsteacher.
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What does Buddhism teach?

Buddhism is the main religion in Japan. It teaches respect for nature, cleanliness, love for simple things, and good manners. About half of the people of Japan are Buddhist. ( Full Answer )
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What is effective teaching?

Everyone has their own idea of effective teaching, but to be effective a teacher must 'reach' a student on every level. It is important to understand the child as a whole and ( Full Answer )
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What does soccer teach you?

Most of all it teaches you teamwork. There are 22 players on thefield and just one ball, so it takes a lot of working together tomeet your objectives. It teaches you vision un ( Full Answer )
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Teach me about caterpillers?

They are very unique, u grow them, let them cacoon and that's it. (added on ----->>>> They lead very interesting lives... some short some long. watching the process from cate ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into teaching?

Traditional Route: Enter into a four-year degree program at a college or university. Some require you to apply specifically for the school of education, in addition to being a ( Full Answer )
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What is practice teaching?

Practice teaching Êis teaching under supervision of an experienceteacher. It isÊimportant Êbecause it grantsaÊstudent-teacherÊexperience in actualÊteaching a ( Full Answer )
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How is my Teaching?

Who knows? If you're asking, you probably are doubting your own abilities therefore should try observing in another classroom or try attending some professional development.
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How do you teach without a teaching degree?

To teach within the public school system in the United States at the pre-K through high school levels, you must have a bachelor's degree in a teacher education program from a ( Full Answer )
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Do you need a teaching degree to teach?

You can teach anybody anything you know. But to be a teacher in a school, most school systems will require a teaching certificate. . You do not need a teaching degree in ord ( Full Answer )
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What teachings do the mennonite teach?

Well, basically Mennonite's are Protestants who believe in non-resistance, and "simple" living. Each branch and church of the Mennonite church varies in its degree of conserva ( Full Answer )
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Why was teaching invented?

Inventing -- building something new or making something better --is often thought of as a purely creative act. In fact, inventiondemands much more than a vision. It requires p ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in a teaching career?

People in teaching careers help students and they make sure that they have the information they need. Teachers also teach students to read, write, and how to do mat.
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Who can teach you how to skateboard?

The best teachers for skateboarding would be your friends/peers who skateboard everyday. Talk to someone who you know their main hobby is skateboarding and they ask if they wi ( Full Answer )
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What are the teachings of shamanism?

Love and respect for all things around you and the belief that all things are apart of the great spirit.
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Is themaic teaching integrated teaching?

I believe you mean 'thematic' teaching. If you are teaching using thematic units there is a good chance you are integrating subjects. Thematic Units or themes are great to use ( Full Answer )
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What is the imp of teaching aids in teaching?

Teaching aids are very important to make the class effective and interesting & to make the students understand easily and fast.without the help of teaching aids the class beco ( Full Answer )
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Can you teach me how to dance?

I suggest that you go on youtube to learn how to see a visual presentation... because its almost impossible to learn how to do something physical like dancing with words. lol ( Full Answer )
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What religions have teachings?

Technically speaking, all religions are based on teachings. Epistemologically, both a priori and a posteriori knowledge are inherent to teaching, which is prompted by exte ( Full Answer )
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What is pedagogy of teaching?

Pedagogy refers to the science/profession of teaching. When referring to ones own 'pedagogy of teaching' you would explain your own style and philosophy of teaching.
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What can you teach your parakeet to do?

There are a few things you can teach them to do. I know you can teach them to talk (some never talk), you can teach them to ring a little bell on one of their bird toys, and s ( Full Answer )
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Why history teaches but teaches nothing?

idk,i think because it teaches what happened before but you dont really need to learn it? Famous quote: "Those who do not know History, will repeat it." Enough said.
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Who teach the trinity?

The Trinity is a common doctrine of mainstream Christianity, and it varies based on the sect.
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Who teaches classes?

the teachers but if you are teaching dance it would be a choreographer aqnd if you are teaching a school subject, you would rather be called a teacher or professor..
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Why do Mormons teach as they do?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) teaches what and how they teach because that is what they believe to be true and how they ( Full Answer )
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Why you teach?

well we teach cuz we want the kids of today and tomorrow to be smart and well educated.b/c i want lean the arbic when i came in the duabi i feel that arbic is very important i ( Full Answer )
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How can teaching be fun?

Like almost anything else, teaching can only be fun if one experiences a feeling of joy upon knowing that he has helped someone to become a better or more complete person. I o ( Full Answer )
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Who can teach you alchemy?

Alchemy is not thought to be something someone would learn but if you want to learn it try an alchemy text book.
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Can you teach me how to wink?

Close one eye and try to blink with the other eye with a smile, ha! I tricked u to wink by yo self in hard fancy words 2012 such a differecnce from1964
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Where can teachers teach?

Preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, primary school, secondary school, college, universities, technical schools or business schools.
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What is the adjective for teach?

The adjective forms of the verb to teach may be the present andpast participles, teaching and taught. Teaching, however, is also anoun (gerund) and may be considered a noun ad ( Full Answer )
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What is the importing teachings of Christian teaching?

Some important Christian teaching: 1. The Bible comes from God. It is the total truth about God andcan be relied on as a guide to life. 2Timothy 3:15-17, 1Peter1:10-12, 2Pete ( Full Answer )
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How do you teach Jesus teaching?

By giving him Adam's apples, then he gets some nutrition into his system and boom, hes ready to learn.
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Who teaches a teacher how to teach?

Education is a subject that is formally taught in college. But in general, a person who aspires to be a teacher will learn about teaching by observing his or her own teachers, ( Full Answer )