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What is hi-tech?

Answer . Definition as described from an online source:\nHigh-Tech\n- involving advanced technology: using or relating to advanced technological devices and methods\n- pla ( Full Answer )
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What do vet techs do?

A very general list of things that a veterinary technician would do would include collecting patient histories, collect biological samples (blood, urine, feces, etc), running ( Full Answer )
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What is a pharmacy tech?

Pharmacy technicians help licensed Pharmacists provide medication and other health care products to patients. Technicians usually perform routine tasks to help prepare prescri ( Full Answer )
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What is a tech deck?

A Tech Deck is a little plastic skateboard, designed for you to play with, using your fingers.
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What is an it tech and what do they do?

Information Technology Technician is what it stands for, generally they fix computers and do maintenance on computer system. They have been known to work on servers if needed ( Full Answer )
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Who is tech n9ne?

Tech N9ne is a rapper who hails from Kansas City, Missouri, who's birth name is Aaron Dontez Yates
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How do you tech deck?

well, teck decks are small skateboards that are based in big ones. They are very fun to play with and collect, TO " tech deck" you have to learn skills on a real skateboard an ( Full Answer )
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What is a guitar tech?

Someone who maintains guitars, ie, fixes intonation, changes the action, restrings them, etc. as opposed to a luthier who is someone who makes guitars.
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What is tech support?

Tech support is a very good field for a job or a take help fromthem. They are providing support and resolve technical issuesthrough the call or they have taken our system in t ( Full Answer )
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What does a mammography tech do?

A mammography technician operates the machine that takes picturesof breast tissue to help diagnose any possible illness under thescope of a Medical practitioner.
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What is tech mahindra?

Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting firm focused on the communications industry..
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What to do after B. Tech?

if u feel u enjoyed, then enjoy the responsibilties of life, i mean to say fulfill your career and if u had not enough, go for a class which u r passionate about . Then ( Full Answer )
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What does a lube tech do?

A lube tech changes oil and greases cars. He or she can also be called a mechanics helper. In industry and mining the title may be that of "oiler" and takes care of lubricant ( Full Answer )
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What is dlna tech?

DLNA is an innovative new technology which enables its consumers to easily share digital technology anywhere in the home. DLNA Technology constructs what it calls the "Digital ( Full Answer )
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What are the techs in football?

"Techs" is an abbreviation of the word technique. A technique can refer to the location of a defensive player's alignment to th offense. In the most traditional of terms:. He ( Full Answer )
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How do you do tech deck?

Tech Deck (fingerboarding) is easy to learn depending on the person. Once you know some tricks, you'll be loving it. I made video tutorials on easy ans stylish tricks, here ar ( Full Answer )
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What is In-tech?

if you mean introduction to technology it gives you a preview of technology then you go on to biology, chemistry, physics, ect. but it shows you how to build things and everyt ( Full Answer )
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What is a tech?

A tech is someone who know the technical aspect of a ceartain topic. For example a 'tech' in stage crew for a theater knows how to change lights, run an audio board, fix thing ( Full Answer )
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Where is Virginia tech?

Virginia Polytechnic Institute is located in Blacksburg, VA, about 45 minutes south of Roanoke, Va.
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What does a ultrasound tech do?

The Ultrasound technicians are also called as ultrasonographers or diagnostic medical sonographers. In order to get the job of ultrasound technician, you must successfully ( Full Answer )
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How do you become an IT Tech?

Go to, it explains all of the certifications and how to get them to be a certified IT technician. Look for the CompTIA A+ certification, that is the one to start o ( Full Answer )
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What is a HVAC tech?

There are a bunch of jobs you can qualify for with an HVAC certificate, including: . HVAC service technician . Entry-level installer . Installation assistant . Sheet met ( Full Answer )
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What is radiography a tech?

Radiography is the process whereby an image of a solid object is produced using radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays or neutrons penetrating the object.
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What do a pharmacy tech do?

For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (U.S. Department of Labor) indicated directly below this answer sectio ( Full Answer )
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What does a pharmacist tech do?

For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (U.S. Department of Labor) indicated directly below this answer sectio ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell TECHING?

Do you mean "teaching?" The term "te ching" is used in the book title "Tao Te Ching" (roughly: the classic way of virtue) written by Lao-tzu in the 6th century BCE.
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What do Tech witches do?

A Tech Witch or Technology based witch, usually preforms solitary, however, they do work in covens that are online, keep their BOS (book of shadows) on their computer, and tea ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into Brooklyn Tech?

You take the SHSAT (Specialized High Schools Admissions Test). If your score is high enough, you will be admitted. See the Related Links below for more information.
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What is infra tech?

Lanco Infratech (Lagadapati Amarappa Naidu and Company Infratech)is a large Indian business conglomerate involved in construction,power, real estate, and several other segment ( Full Answer )
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What is cheer tech?

Cheer tech is a cheer company that holds competitons and camps. They also choreograph routines. Most of their competitons are big like nationals or regional\stae competitons s ( Full Answer )
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What does pharmacy techs do?

Pharmacy technician is one of the fields in healthcare that is growing popularity. Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies located in hospitals, clinics, and hospitals filling ( Full Answer )
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What is tech?

Technology can be most broadly defined as the entities, bothmaterial and immaterial, created by the application of mental andphysical effort in order to achieve some value. In ( Full Answer )
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What is Bluedust Tech?

Bluedust Tech (India) Bluedust Tech is an IT startup based in Kolkata, WB, India. At BlueDust Tech , we provide any type of Computer Hardware & Software Installatio ( Full Answer )
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What does a computer tech do?

A computer technician is usually tasked and is responsible for, butnot limited to setting up computer systems, software, anddiagnosing/troubleshooting software and hardware.
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What does IT mean in tech?

The term IT is an acronym for Information Technology, a generalterm for computer systems used in database management. It mainlyrefers to the application of computer programmin ( Full Answer )