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What was the Tet Offensive?

The Tet Offensive was the series of surprise attacks on major cities, towns, and military bases all throughout South Vietnam. These were launched by the Viet Cong and North Vi ( Full Answer )
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When was tet offensive over?

The offensive was intended to spark an insurrection among South Vietnamese civilians and military forces, destroying the US-backed regime in Saigon and isolating the US main m ( Full Answer )
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How did Tet originate?

"TET" is a Vietnamese word for Lunar New Year. Its original meaning comes from an old Vietnamese term "Tiet" which literally means an internode of a bamboo stem. Figuratively, ( Full Answer )
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What is the tet offense?

the tet Offensive was when north Vietnamese attacked during a ceasefire, and the attacked major cities towns and strategic locations.
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How did tet start?

General Vo Nguyen Diap, leader of the North Vietnamese forces,launched the Tet Offensive on January 31, 1968. Under his planning,the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong sent 70,000 ( Full Answer )
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How did Tet Offensive change the war?

The Tet offensive of 1968 demonstrated that despite the element of surprise, American soldiers were able to repel determined and well coordinated attacks. Small unit tactics, ( Full Answer )
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What do the words Tet Offensive mean?

TET is the South Vietnamese (Vietnamese today) holiday for the lunar new year, which normally occurs about the end of January each year. "Offensive" in military terms, means a ( Full Answer )
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Tet Psychological Victory for Vietcong?

The "Tet Offensive" undertaken by the Viet Cong was an utter disaster militarily. They were generally routed and destroyed. In the city of Hue, VC fighters became surrounded, ( Full Answer )
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What was the effect of the tet offensive?

The TET offensive was a gross violation of a holiday cease fire agreement. The Communists believed that an offensive would be reinforced by a popular uprising within South Vie ( Full Answer )
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Was there 1969 Tet?

Tet is actually the name for the Vietnamese/Chinese New Year. Therewas a main battle push by North Vietnam during Tet of 1969, but itdid not approach the level of 1968.
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What was 'Tet offensive'?

The Tet Offensive was a turning point in the Vietnam War (1954-75). The assault began during Tet, a festival of the lunar new year, on January 30, 1968. Though a truce had bee ( Full Answer )
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What was the cause and the consequences of the tet offensive?

1. Cause-underestimation of the enemy.. 2. Consequences-War was unwinnable.. Reason war was unwinnable: Without widening the war into the neighboring countries of Laos and C ( Full Answer )
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What Is Tet Nguyen Dan?

Tet Nguyen Dan is more commonly known by its shortened name "tet" or Vietnamese lunar new year. Tet is the main holiday all common Vietnamese share and celebrate. It's just n ( Full Answer )
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Why did the tet offensive occur?

The purpose of the offensive was to create a general uprising within the nation of SOUTH Vietnam against the Saigon (South Vietnamese Government) and Allied Forces; which the ( Full Answer )
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When did tet offensive end?

There were three phases. The first phase of the Tet Offensive beganon January 30, 1968, and the third phase ended on September 23,1968. It is estimated that 14,000 civilians w ( Full Answer )
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What is a Tet Offinsive?

The Tet Offensive was a military action taken by the Viet Cong against the United States military in the Vietnam War. It began on the Tet, or the Vietnamese new year. Viet Con ( Full Answer )
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What was the tet offensive about?

The Tet Offensive was a military campaign during the Vietnam War that began on January 31, 1968 by the forces of the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam. The purpose w ( Full Answer )
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Where to celebrate tet?

well... in my family I'm mostly viet by the way.... but me my whole family all my uncles and aunts and all those people... we get together and celebrate with a huge party! and ( Full Answer )
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How long does tet last?

Tet is another name for New Year in Vietnam. The holiday typicallylasts for the first days of the new moon cycle in the new year. Thefirst day of the next Tet will be celebrat ( Full Answer )
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What is TET and non-TET propane?

TET indicates the product is in the Texas Eastern Products Pipeline at Mont Belvieu Texas. Non TET refers to product in a location at Mont Belvieu other than in the Texas East ( Full Answer )
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What is tet food?

Since Tet was a holiday for both N & S Vietnams, it was probably a holiday feast.
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The Tet offensive of 1968 was?

...a massive communist nation wide attack (offensive). a. a tactical defeat for the Communists b. a political defeat for the United States c. all of the above d. none of the ( Full Answer )
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How do you elarge tet on my Acer laptop?

well i need more info cause it doesnt go for acer but the operating system and all i know is on 7. you just open start and type in text and youll see an option to make it bigg ( Full Answer )
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What was the effect of the Tet offensive on the Vietnamese?

Though the Tet offensive was eventually pushed back by South Vietnamese forces, the main effect of this strike was to lower morale and support for the republic in the South. I ( Full Answer )
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What did tet offensive show Americans?

It showed that we cannot trust Vietnamese people more. The vietcong moved in and attacked many cities but we were strong enough military wise and were able to defeat them.
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What do you mean by tet in cyanotic spell?

tet is short for tetrology of Fallot, a heart condition, and cyanotic means they turned blue, usually from lack of oxygen.
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How do you celebrate Tet?

Even though Tet is a celebration of the new year, the holiday lasts 2-3 weeks. Families reunite across the country in an effort to celebrate together. It is believed that the ( Full Answer )
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Why is Tet celebrated?

Tet is the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. It's an important celebration of welcoming in the New Year, welcoming ancestral spirits back into the home, preparing for good fortune fo ( Full Answer )
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Why did the vietcong launch the tet offensive?

The VC were participants; Hanoi orchestrated the Tet Offensive, with the power punch being delivered by the NVA (such as at Khe Sanh and the ancient imperial city of Hue).
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What is the importance of Tet?

Tet is the time for tradition and family. All members in the family gather on Tet holiday.
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When the Tet offensive occur?

The TET offensive was during the Vietnam war. It started on January 31, 1968. Most battles were quickly stopped within a day or two. However, the old Imperial city of Hue was ( Full Answer )
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What is Four Tet best known for?

For Tet or Kieran Hebden his real name is best known for being a post-rock and electronic musician. He first became a Fridge band before he became a soloist.
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Why did the Tet offensive shock Americans?

I personally remember that period of history, and I don't think that America was all that shocked; Americans knew that there was a war taking place in Vietnam, and during time ( Full Answer )