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1996 ford f150 4x4 you what to remove the automatic hubs and put in manual Thae automatic takes a special tool to remove the end you have bought tool for hubs and they are all to small Is this a vaccu?

Answer you don't need a special tool i take them off my mudding truck all the time. you do need a set of needle nose pliers to bull the big ring off then you have to use some ( Full Answer )
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What is thae wasp that is totally black?

Several species of wasp are completely black. The species Sphex pensylvanicus for example is known as the great black wasp.
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Was Kaiser Wilhelm thae mayor of London?

Gosh No ! Kaiser is the German word for Caesar: Kaiser Wilhelm was the German king in WW1.
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Which webkinz mine is thae red ruby heart in 2009?

It could be in any mine. I suggest that you try the buried bones mine. I find rare gems there all the time. Actually, this isn't true. Each mine has certain gems that can be ( Full Answer )
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According to gravitation law why the Earth doesnt go directly toward thae Sun but takes an elliptical path around it?

Gravity does in fact pull the Earth directly toward the Sun. But the Earth is traveling sideways at about 67,000 miles per hour , and the speed of the Earth just balances the ( Full Answer )
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Fantage how to go up with thae judge?

I don't know how !!! So you enter the creature arena and press tab.(Make sure you pressed otherwise you'll have to restart the process all over again) Then you leave and go to ( Full Answer )
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Was the king in the middle ages always older thae the queen?

Answer Usually, because the marriage contracts were made when the woman was a young child or baby and when she got of age she married the man who she was contracted to marry. ( Full Answer )
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Where has life been found that suggests that it does not need thae goldilocks conditions?

so far no life has been found other than on our planet. However, on Titan, the largest moon of saturn, they have found Amino Acids, the most basic form of DNA, which suggests ( Full Answer )
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Why is thae frog's joy sweet and bitter?

the frog's joy was sweet because, he used the nightingale's voice to earn money. Thus he became wealthier day after day. also because he got back his supremacy in the bog afte ( Full Answer )
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Why is earth moving in an orbit around the sun and why is the sun not moving in an orbit around thae earth?

The fact is that whenever you have two bodies gravitationally coupled with orbital motion going on, both bodies are orbiting their common center of mass. That's the point ( Full Answer )
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What is thae second name of host and guest relationship is?

About 90% of public water systems in the U.S. obtain their water from groundwater. However, since systems served by groundwater tend to be much smaller than systems served by ( Full Answer )
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Who could be a member of thae romes chief governing body?

If you mean, the senate, anyone who met the senatorial standards could be a member. The requirements were first of all to be a male and to have the financial requirement which ( Full Answer )