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What is Supermans alter ego?

Superman is known in human form as Clark Kent. Kent works for the Daily Planet, a popular news publication in Metropolis. He wears his suit underneath his work clothes and whe (MORE)

Who is Miley Stewart's alter ego?

Miley Stewart's alter ego is Hannah Montana. Both characters appear in the Disney TV series, Hanna Montana and Hannah Montana Forever , as well as the film, Hannah Montana (MORE)

What is an alter ego in mythology?

aspect of religious and folkloric traditions ( in ) Other religious (MORE)

Who are Nicki minaj alter egos?

Onika Tanya Maraj&Her Alter Egos... 1.Cookie (Childhood Ego) 2.Nicki Minaj (Stage Name) 3.Nicki Lewinsky (Ghetto Hoe) 4.Nicki The Ninja (Chinese Girl) 5.Harajuku Ba (MORE)