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What actor has the most Golden Globes?

Meryl Streep has won the most Golden Globes with a total of eight. If you include honorary awards, (Henrietta Award, World FilmFavorite Actor/Actress Award, or Cecil B. DeMil (MORE)
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What are the Golden Globe Awards?

What Are the Golden Globe Awards? According to The Golden Globe Awards are presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for excellence in (MORE)
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What is the funniest thing to do online?

Well you can Go on Youtube And watch some stuff like there's This funny Thing Called Indian girl Sings vat is My name And there is Diary of the Badman. But You should try And (MORE)
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What are the funniest things to shout out in public?

"What is wrong with everyone!", "Why is the world spinning backwards!?", "I like green eggs and ham!". In addition: . Yell "Iced Ink" or "Hoof Hearted" or "If You See Kay" (MORE)
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What is the golden globes?

The Golden Globes is an award given to people in the motion pictures and television industry. It is broadcast on television this year in the UK on the 11th January on E! or Sk (MORE)
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When are the 2009 golden globes?

The Golden Globe Awards were held January 11, 2009 from the Beverly Hilton hotel. They were broadcast on NBC.
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What is the funniest thing you ever saw?

Person #1--- That's a really hard question but I would have to go with the look on my brothers face when I put ketchup packets under the toilet seat and then he sat down the k (MORE)
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What is the funniest thing you have ever heard?

Answer: Okay older kids might not think this, but I think the funniest thing I have heard that I can remember is when one day at lunch, there was this guy named Marcus and wh (MORE)
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Has Will Smith won a Golden Globe?

No. He has been nominated four times (twice for "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"; for Ali and for The Pursuit of Happyness ) but hasn't won yet.
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Did Bruce williswon golden globe?

Yes, he did in 1987 for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series - Comedy/Musical for "Moonlighting". He was nominated for the same award in 1986 and 1988, but didn't win. (MORE)
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What is the funniest thing that could ever happen to a cat?

Well, in the summer of 2008, my cat Rose, it was at night. She was slepping at the foot of my bed, and all of a sudden, she farted. It was around 10:00 p.m and she FARTED! Oh (MORE)
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Who is the youngest Golden Globe winner?

I can't really tell you an accurate answer.. but Chris Colfer just won one at the age of 20, and that's very young for one of those; however, I don't know if he's the youngest (MORE)
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What interesting things happens on October 8?

Alvin C. York Day *Cosmopolite's Day *Emergency Nurses Day *National Bring Teddy Bear to Work Day *Yom Kippur: Atonement Eve Day *Fire Prevention Day *American Tag Day (MORE)
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Why do bad things happen to you on the 8?

First of all, bad things have NEVER happen to me on the 8th. Not because I'm lucky or anything, just because they don't. Don't listen to those weird things like, "13 is unluck (MORE)
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When were the Golden Globe awards given?

The most recent Golden Globe Awards were the 67th Golden Globe Awards. It was telecast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday, January 17, (MORE)
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How is the golden globe award made?

im not sure what they made it out of, but no way it can be SOLID gold. They wouldn't be able to LIFT it
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Will the 2011 golden globes be rebroadcast?

2011 Golden Globes RE-AIR Tuesday, January 18 at 6:00 PM ET/PT, 5:00 PM CT Bravo will re-air the 2011 Golden Globes two nights after the premiere. ( Genre: Awards )
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Who pays for golden globe dresses?

Generally they are loaned, or even given to the celebrity simply for the publicity value to the designer.
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What does Golden Globes stand for?

it stands for nothing. the golden globes are prizes that a few people have the oportunity to get
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What are the Golden Globe categories?

here are all of the categories! - Motion picture awards Best Motion Picture - Drama Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy Best Director Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama Be (MORE)
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Did Glee win a Golden Globe?

Glee has won 4 Golden Globe Awards. These are: . Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy in 2010. . Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy in 2011. . Best Supporti (MORE)
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What are the categories for the Golden Globes?

there are a lot of categories, for example: best movie best actress best special effects best actor go to the official site "golden globe awards" to find out all of them
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When do the 2012 golden globes air?

Don't think they will. I emailed Sky, they said they don't have the rights this year so its up in the air. Thinks its too late now for other channels to buy the rights. Howeve (MORE)
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Will there be a rebroadcast of the 2013 Golden Globes?

They don't re-air the Golden Globes, because once it has happened and the awards lists are publicized, what's the point? However, you may be able to track down all or part (MORE)
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How are Golden Globe nominees selected?

The Golden Globes are given to those who perform outstanding work in film. The ninety members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association are then responsible for choosing the (MORE)
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What is one of the funniest things on earth?

What is the funniest thing on earth is a matter of personalpreference. The "Who's on First?" comedy routine by Abbott andCostello is a classic skit that most people find to be (MORE)
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Who won Best Supporting Actress at the 2015 Golden Globes?

Patricia Arquette won the 2015 Golden Globe for Best SupportingActress in a Motion Picture for her role as Olivia Evans in thefilm Boyhood . Joanne Froggatt won the 2015 Gold (MORE)