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What are batmans gadgets?

Batarang, Batclaw, Bat Mobile, Grapple, Explosive Gel, Sonar, Electronic Lockpick and much much more!
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What gadgets does Batman have?

Batman uses a large number of gadgets in his career. The most notable are the batarang a bat shaped boomerang or shuriken. Ans a grappling hook, in early incarnations it was a (MORE)
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A walkthrough to Batman arkham asylum?

well the game is somewhat long to put on wiki questions, but you can search it on youtube, that should help because that's what i did to get through some part of the game.
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Will Batman arkham city be in 3D?

If you have the things for it, then yes, you can. look at the covers on games and if you see 3d, it is possible to play that game in 3d.
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What villains are in Batman Arkham City?

villains good people joker batman harley quinn catwoman hugo stange robin (dlc) two-face nightwing (dlc) the penguin alfred poison ivy commishoner gordon the riddler jack (MORE)
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Where is bane in Batman arkham asylum?

Find Harley Quinn,She's With Commissioner Gordon.After Taking Her Out,You Both Go Downstairs And You Find Bane Drained Of Venom.He Gets It Back Thanks To Joker And You Fight H (MORE)
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What villians are in Batman arkham city?

Penguin, The Riddler, Joker, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Ra's al Ghul,Bane, Deadshot, Mad Hatter, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Solomon Grundy,Clayface, Zsasz, Hush and Hugo Strange.
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Does Batman have the best gadgets?

Yes, most people dont realise it but batman has some serious tech, he usually has small non-lethal and quiet gadgets which is why most people think he is weak, but when batman (MORE)
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Does batman arkham city have a demo?

Batman: Arkham City does not currently have a demo, but a trial is available through the OnLive system, which streams your games live to your computer.
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Is Scarecrow in Batman Arkham City?

Scarecrow does not make an appearance in batman arkham city however there are a bunch of Easter eggs showing he is probably still alive such as the boat Easter egg there will (MORE)
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Is there a batcave in batman arkham city?

You get all of your weapons and gadgets from Alfred via intercom atcertain points in the game, and from other characters. But theBatcave exists in the Harley's Revenge DLC.
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Which of batmans gadgets are the best?

10# - Grapple 9# - Smoke Pellet 8# - Reverse Batarang 7# - Explosive Gel 6# - Remote Eletrical Charge 5# - Freeze Cluster Grenade 4# - Cryptographic Sequencer 3# - Line Launch (MORE)
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How do you do a combo in Batman arkham asylum?

hit people in a repeatedly, then beat up other people, by 5 hits you will be able to do a takedown, press b-y on a goon to defeat him, keep bosting the counter for more points (MORE)
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Which is better Batman arkham city or Batman arkham asylym?

They are both good games but Arkham city is a little bit harder than Arkham asylum if you like the combat though arkham city would have to be the winner because of the combat (MORE)