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How do you relieve stress?

Ways to relieve stress: 1) listen to music 2) talking to friends / family 3) reading 4) taking a nap 5) watching TV 6) showering 7) going to the beach 8) writing 9) drinking a (MORE)

What do you do to relieve stress?

When you are under stress it is hard! Try to realax,get some sleep,clear your head,Go on a quiet holiday, Stress is bad for the body! so if you have to many things going on ta (MORE)
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What is the best way to relieve stress?

Exercise is a good way to relieve stress. . Daily meditation is a good and effective way to manage stress and relieve stress. There are different types of meditation. Mos (MORE)
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Best way to relieve stress?

Meditation is effective to manage stress. There are different types of meditation. Most of them are free and you can find them online. If meditation is not the thing for y (MORE)
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What can you do to relieve stress?

Ways to reduce stress include: . Take deep breaths and exhale slowly. Try to count to three on the inhale, hold your breath for three more seconds, and exhale for three s (MORE)
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How do you use stress reliever game?

You download it and use it on your computer. Currently the most popular stress reducing game is Desktop Destroyer that will entertain you and relieve the stress out of your (MORE)
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How do stress balls relieve stress?

because a lot of stress is anger stress. the mucle in your hand is a reflexatory muscle and it automaticly tences up. that's why we hit things. have you ever hit someone and t (MORE)
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Can a good spanking relieve stress?

The answer to this question can vary. It depends on the intimate relationship between the spanker (the one giving the spanking) and the spankee (the one receiving the spankin (MORE)
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How to relieve stress?

Stress? We ALL have it. Its just natural, its a part of being a human. Stress can be caused by lots of things. What ever the case my be, the best way to overcome stress is b (MORE)
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How do you relieve stress when taking a test?

If you get nervous about taking tests like I do, here are a few tips: -It's not the end of the world if you don't do perfectly on it. You're not going to die from doing poo (MORE)

Is call of duty a stress reliever game?

No way , I have known people who have gotten so angry at the game, that they have punched walls, and even thrown their controllers at the wall and the controllers break. So ma (MORE)
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How can music relieve stress?

Levels of endorphins, natural pain relievers, are increased while listening to music, and levels of stress hormones are decreased. This latter effect may partially explain the (MORE)
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What is of relieves stress?

Some ways of relieving stress are exercise, meditation, going for a walk, listening to soothing music, daydreaming, doing something you enjoy like a hobby, writing down your f (MORE)
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What is stress and how do you relieve it?

Stress is caused by over-thinking, or holding in an emotion of anger or too much work. Here are some ways to relieve stress: . take deep breaths in and out . take a deep b (MORE)
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Can cursing relieve stress?

Not necessarily cursing as such. It is the act in getting rid of pent up anger that relieves stress for many.
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How does hunting relieve stress?

Getting away in nature (the Rocky Mountains when hunting elk) provides a quiet beautiful time away from the phones ringing, kids screaming etc.!
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How does dancing relieve stress?

Change into comfortable clothes that won't restrict you as you dance. Try workout gear, shorts and a t-shirt or even your pajamas. Remove bulky accessories (like necklaces or (MORE)
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What is the best way to relieve stress immediately?

Find a local dealer and buy some marijuana. You can either smoke it in a pipe or joint, or bake it into almost any recipe. The stress you are experiencing will melt away and b (MORE)
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What are the best ways to relieve symptoms of Exam Stress?

f you think that stress is starting to get to you, don't suffer alone and in silence - there are people you can turn to for information on stress management techniques, and ge (MORE)