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Can a 14-year-old decide physical custody in California?

There may be some variation in different jurisdictions but generally, a child cannot make that decision. The child can express a desire to live with a particular parent but it (MORE)
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Who decided that the number of golf clubs in your bag would be 14?

The ruling came to be made by the R&A after a player turned up to a big amateur event with his caddy carrying two bags, each with about 15 clubs. It was later decided that 14 (MORE)
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How are seven Natural Wonders Of The World decided?

To date, there has never been any authoritative list of seven natural wonders... sure, various lists have been compiled, but no consensus has been reached. The New Open World (MORE)
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Can a 14 yr old decide which parent to live with?

Only Texas has that law, but with significant restrictions. In all other states, it's a case by case basis, with the Judge interpreting the maturity of the child, and their i (MORE)
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Why is 14 a natural number?

Natural numbers are whole numbers used for counting, starting with 1, 2, 3, 4...
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Why does god allow the poor to suffer most from natural disasters?

Such is a debate that has been discussed in various forms focenturies. People have come up with a number of explanations forthis: . God does not exist. . God is apathetic o (MORE)
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How does the Master further prove to be a poor leader in Chapter 14?

When it seemed apparent Smaug would destroy Esgaroth the Master was looking for a way to get to his gilded boat and save himself in the confusion. After Bard had slain the dra (MORE)
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How do you get out of this mess?

well if you mean it as a fight dont use your fists just try and carm the other person down and just talk but if you mean it as clean up my house or my bedroom start by picking (MORE)
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Is 14 a natural number?

Yes. Natural numbers are whole numbers starting from 1 and onwards 2, 3, 4.... basically any number you can add 1 to is a natural number
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Is it an idiot or a idiot?

An idiot. The English "article of speech", "an", must be used before a word beginning with a vowel and some specific words beginning with a consonant. Correct: a duck Correc (MORE)