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I went to the hair cuttery and I showed her a picture of an emo cut which is the one I wanted but I think it looks nothing like it I showed my mom said it looks exactly like it What should I do?

Get Some Hair Product And Play Around With It Seeing If You Can Get It To What You Are Wanting, Then You Will Know How You Will Have To Style it Daily To Get The Achieved Look (MORE)

How can you tell Donald Trump About your Donald Trump alarm?

Mr Trump, you called out Mr Obama on his birth certificate and got what you wanted. His BC says his father is African. AFRICAN is a nationality NOT a race. My BC does not say (MORE)

Where is Donald Trump?

His offices are in New York, but as a nationally-known businesstycoon and television celebrity, he frequently spends time in othermajor cities such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas (MORE)

What does Donald Trump like and dislike?

True Billionaire$ Mr Donald Trump Dislikes 'Fake' (Does Not Like-b3) Business Apprentices and Foneies, especially Reality TV Ones.. Claimants to Business Success! {Police Rea (MORE)

Is it true that there are people out there who can look exactly like you but you guys wont like the same things you guys just look alike?

... Sigh. America. How ashamed i am of thee sometimes... First of all, there are no two people who are exactly alike in looks. Its physically impossible, even for identical (MORE)

What is Donald Trump like?

That depends on who you ask and what you personally believe. DonaldTrump has received very mixed reactions from within his party, aswell as within the Democratic Party. Not ju (MORE)

Why do people like Donald Trump?

People like Donald Trump for several reasons. Some of those reasonsinclude: . As a businessman, he understands the overreach of the bloatedFederal Government and the onerous (MORE)