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How do you train for track?

RUN! and do plyometrics, ...and run more.... and do many sprints. sometimes weight training helps too. -Eurekax3 I agree. Defiantly run...A LOT! Also do some hurtles jus (MORE)
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Why are rocks underneath train tracks?

I'm guessing to keep a the ground drier because the water runs off easily? +++ The "rocks" are called in total, "ballast". It does not keep the underlying ground drier bec (MORE)
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What is the price per ton crushed limestone?

The average cost of a ton of crushed limestone is between $27.50and $38.20. The cost varies in different areas dependent upon theavailability of limestone in that area.
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How do they put a train on the train tracks?

Trains are built sort of like cars. They do each piece individually. They will either be built on the track or will be lifted by crane onto the service track that leads out of (MORE)
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How many rocks do you have to crush to make a ton?

A ton is not a numerical unit, that it to say, if I have a ton of rock, I will not have 82. A ton is a unit of weight, equal to 2000 (short ton, US) or 2240 (long ton, UK pre (MORE)
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What makes a ford half ton track a half ton?

the weight of the cargo in the bed of the truck. example a f-150 half ton can hold 1000 lbs f-250 3/4 ton can hold 1500 lbs f-350 1 ton 2000 lbs.
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Why is the distance between two train tracks is 4 feet 8 and a half inch?

There is clearly a great advantage in railways being on the same gauge. Rolling stock can be moved seamlessly offering interoperability between railway companies.. In 1846 t (MORE)
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What is track for train?

It holds the train in as a trail and guides it with metal bars at the end of wood planks to keep the wheels in.
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Why do train tracks sit on rocks?

The rocks called "ballast" provides a cushion that the ties areembedded in. The ballast can shift some as trains pass over whilekeeping the ties locked in position so that the (MORE)