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Some frog laid egss in a man made plastic frog pond that's only a few feet wide and I don't have the filter runningwhat should I do?

I have breed many frogs in plastic ponds, my advice would be to just leave them. They will compete for limited resources within the pond. Frogs lay far more eggs than what wil (MORE)
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Will you get pregnant if he only thrusts inside the vagina a few times and then ejaculates when he has taken his penis out?

You can never say for certain that you will get pregnant or not, but if the penis enters the vagina then yes you could potentially get pregnant. Some people think that the "pu (MORE)

What if your car runs but only moves a few feet?

Need more information about the problem please....It could be a number of things: Low fuel pressure or a bad transmission. Did you leave the parking brake on ?? Does the m (MORE)

How should you respond if the students frequently give answers based on guessing only?

When students guess, they could also be taught logic, probability,and statistics. So use their guestimating to teach those other 3topics. SHOW the probability of common flaws (MORE)