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What is meant by the term 'market competition'?

\n. \n Market Competition \n. \nThat means that others are putting pressure to keep the prices down. If two or more companies manufacture or sell similar products, both (MORE)
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What does a perfectly competitive market consist of?

It means that no enterprise (or economical agent) that participates in the market is able to have an effect, through their practices, in the final price of the products. The p (MORE)
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What is a competitive market?

A competitive market is one that has multiple buyers and sellers.This means there is no single vendor or consumer who has absolutecontrol over the price in the market. In such (MORE)
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What are the features of a perfect competition market?

The perfectly competitive market is an economic anomaly; it does not exist in real life, because of the unreal circumstances that need to occur in perfectly competitive indust (MORE)
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The examples of Perfectly Competitive Market?

In economics, perfectly competive markets are those where neither consumer nor producer have influence over prices; they are price takers. Examples follow: . Agritgultural P (MORE)
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What was the most expensive wine ever produced?

The most expensive wine ever produced was an imperial, six-liter bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992. It sold for $500 000 at the Napa Valley Wine Auction in 2000 to benef (MORE)
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What is free market competition?

Its the competition that comes from allowing anyone who wants to sell a particular service or item to do so. So if three people want to sell flowers, there is a competition be (MORE)
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What is Features of Perfectly Competitive Market?

Many buyers and sellers in the market. No barriers to entry or exit in the industry. The firm is a price taker in a perfectly competitive market. No persuasive advertising. In (MORE)
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Is cigarette market a perfectly competitive market?

There is no such thing as a perfectly competitive market. It is merely a economic model to compare other market structures to.. Cigarette market is more likely a oligopoly.
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What are the problems of inadequate competition in the market?

What happens to the market is that without competition the price of the product will be increased, which means the consumers will need more money for the needed product, a (MORE)
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How does pure competition impact the market?

They are price takers, prices are kept at the minimal and at ideal in the eyes of society. There is economic efficiency where it is impossible to make someone better off witho (MORE)
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How market competitive are savings bonds?

Their rates of return are generally comparable to other forms of savings and accrue interest monthly and compound semiannually.
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What is meant your curse of competitive markets?

It is hard to find profitable project.High profits in product market attract competitors.competitors put downward pressure on prices and profits.
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What is competitive frame of reference in marketing?

Competitive frame of reference in marketing refers to comparing thebrand to other similar brands on the market showing the advantagesand strengths weakening the competition.
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How is wine marketed?

In the United States wine and all other alcoholic beverages must be distributed through what is called the three tier system, developed upon the repeal of national prohibition (MORE)
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Is online shopping a competitive market?

yeah its is because most of the people prefer to it than going to the shop its selves. this has saved peoples time like for the people who go working and they need things from (MORE)
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When supply increases in a competitive market?

There are two ways for an increase in supply to occur (empirically); there can be a shift in the supply curve or a movement along the curve. `Ideally for businesses and consum (MORE)
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Is moy park in a competitive market?

No. Not in regards to the farmers it supplies in Northern Ireland.It has operated as a monopoly since the acquisition of O'Kane'sPoultry as Northern Irish chicken farmers have (MORE)
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What are the prices of the most expensive wines ever sold?

The record is a bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet sold in 1992 for $500,000. A bottle of Chateau Margaux sold for $225,000 in 1787. A 3-liter bottle of Cheval Blanc was sold (MORE)
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How competitive is the Surveying Job market?

Land surveying jobs are actually on the rise. The next ten years show that the job market for land surveying will increase. The average age of a land surveyor is 57 years old, (MORE)
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What is the reason that individual producers in a perfectly competitive market have no influence over prices?

Many things contribute to consumer prices. Many economist believe that demand drives the prices of consumer goods, although true to a degree, this is only after many other fac (MORE)
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What are the causes of market competition?

Market competition is generated by - two or more companies sellingthe same products or services. For example - Virgin Media, BritishTelecom and the mobile phone providers all (MORE)
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What is the definition of a competitive market?

A competitive market is defined as a marketplace where there are a lot of producers of similar products. The more choice there is for products the more likely that price comp (MORE)
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Why will a producer enter a competitive market?

A producer will enter a competitive market if it believes that it has a better version of other products already competing in a particular market. As an example, for a time, t (MORE)
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Will stock market crash in 2015?

Fluctuations in stock prices are based on an immensely largevariety of future events that are inherently unpredictable thusmaking it impossible to predict with any certainty t (MORE)
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What is the best smartphone on the market 2015?

This is an impossible question to answer - because it relies on theopinion of one person based on their experience of mobile phones.Additionally - as of now - we're only two-t (MORE)
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How is the mobile phone market competitive?

Every carrier wants more customers on their network... Thereforethey compete with each other to see who can offer the best deal fornew customers. On the whole - once they have (MORE)