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You're renting noticed some mold it has gotten worse you would like to identify specifically what it is Bathroom has leaked inside the wall mold visible outside ceiling has blackish spots-Tia?

Answer . you need to contact your land lord and have him get it inspected if your sure you arn't getting the part of the bathroom wet by accident, it is up to the landlord (MORE)
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What are TIAs?

Tia means Aunt or princess But it is a name to!
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What job can i get with comp-Tia plus?

After you pass your essentials exam, you have to choose what you want to specialize in, You have three options: helpdesk, helpdesk remote and PC tech. I know people who work f (MORE)
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What is the Spanish 'Tia' in French?

If Tia is Aunt then it is Tante in french - Tante Marie - Aunt Marie . If Tia is a girls name then it is Tia in French I guess. Not all names have a translation, they just rem (MORE)
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Are Tias related to strokes?

TIAs are an ominous sign of increased risk for debilitating stroke. Although most strokes are not preceded by TIAs, approximately one-third of patients who have a TIA will hav (MORE)
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What is the preventive treatment for Tias?

A vital part of TIA treatment is to reduce treatable risk factors for stroke, including cardiovascular disease, smoking, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and obesity.
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What is 'Tia mi amor' when translated from Spanish to English?

"Aunt, my love!" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase ¡Tia, mi amor! The feminine singular noun, feminine/masculine possessive, and masculine noun also translat (MORE)
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What does mis Tias saben hacer dulce mean?

\n \n \n \n \n \n\n Translation: My aunts know\nhow to make candy/ sweets \n\n \n \n Normal \n 0 \n \n \n \n \n false \n false \n false \n \n EN-US \n X-NONE \n X-NONE \n \n (MORE)