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What is a tian on a menu?

A tian is an earthenware dish used in Provence, France to cookgratin; its name is also used for gratins - usually vegetable -cooked in such a dish. A tian is generally oval in (MORE)
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What are jobs ending with tian?

There are many job names that end with the letters -tian. Some ofthese names are dietitian, electrician, and mathematician.
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Which words end with tian?

Martian , Haitian, Dalmatian, Egyptian ... also Christian, Tahitian, bastian, Sebastian. Of all these words, however, only 'bastian' is not a proper noun.
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What is the Tian Shan?

a huge mountain range located mostly in Kyrgyzstan but it extends into China aways. It is 24,406 feet long. It covers roughly 75% of Kyrgyzstan.
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Words ending with tian?

Dalmatian and venetian ends with tian. Martian, dietitian and unchristian end with tian.
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How do you pronounce 'tian' in Chinese?

The word 'tian' or 天 meaning day is pronounced similar to 'tea-ann'. Chinese characters are each one syllable so while it is pronounced like 'tea-ann' it is said quickly (MORE)
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How tall are the Tian Shan Mountains?

The tallest mountain in the Tian Shan is Jengish Chokusu at 7439 metres (24 406 feet). This is very, very high, higher than any mountain that is outside of Asia.
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How is the Tian Shan important?

The Tian Shan is important in helping scientists identify the signs of a coming earthquake. Specifically, it's always the location of an earthquake within 1-1/2 years of ear (MORE)
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What is the tian tian Buddha more commonly known as?

天坛大佛 [tiān tán dà fó] 天坛 ---> altar of the heaven 大 ---> big in scale 佛 ---> buddha So, it's Tian Tan (Big) Buddha actual (MORE)
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Who is Tian zhang?

Founder of I-Kuan Tao, a modern religious movement.
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Who are tian tian and yangguang?

Pandas from china who are coming to edinburgh zoo on 4th december 2011. tian tian is female of age 8 years; and yang guang is male who is also 8 years of age.
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What is Tian Chi?

It is a place. Means Heavenly lake.
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What does tian mean in Chinese?

1. Farmland; fields 2. Sweet 3. Lick 4. Fill in 5. Sky And many more. It depends on the context and the tone.