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What does tiara mean?

Tiara is a woman's jewelled semi- circular headress. ( which means it is a crown)
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When to wear a tiara?

Wear a T-Erica like Erica Rose wears on The Bachelor, and soon on Bachelor Pad on ABC. Answer 2: A Tiara is a type of crown, similar to what a princess might wear. Typical ( Full Answer )
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How to get a code for a pink tiara?

you have to buy friendship teddy then do your certificate then go on your bearville then when your on your build a bear go to the workshop chick on the bear three chick on the ( Full Answer )
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How do you put a tiara on?

You have the tiara in your inventory, and you just left click on it.. Or, you can right click on the tiara. and click 'wear'. Hope this helps :)
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Where can you get a tiara on buildabearvillecom?

I think you have to by a serten bear at your local build-a-bearworkshop store to get a tiara.Ihave two tiaras one yellow tiara and onepick tiara my user name is kayleeadorable ( Full Answer )
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Who is tiara Ludwig?

L.A's best movie, Princess And The Frog. Tiara Ludwig (Tee-Ara Lud-Wig) is the princess in Princess And The Frog. She is 24, Her LBS are 138, And Her height is 5"2'
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How do you get a tiara in vips?

im the same person who did the bright blue green question. i forgot somthing. im talkin about a different tiara. not the purple ione with a red flower at the top. the one that ( Full Answer )
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What does a nature tiara do?

Any tiara allows you to gain one-click entry to the rune alter that it corresponds to. So, if you have a nature tiara, you can go right into the nature alter to craft nature r ( Full Answer )
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Who is tiara gold?

Date of Birth:. 2 June 1994 , Beverley, East Yorkshire, England, UK more . Contact:. View agent and manager contact info on IMDbPro . . Mini Biography:. Jemm ( Full Answer )
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How do you craft tiaras?

In RuneScape, you take a silver bar and tiara mold (gems are optional) to a furnace.Use the bar on a furnace and you should get an interface saying 'Craft'. I went to a party ( Full Answer )
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How can you be a tiara?

I guess you mean how do you make one. Use a Silver Bar on a furnce while having a tiara mould in your inventory. To make it into a certain tiara you can use the Talisman for ( Full Answer )
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Is toddlers and tiaras Canceled?

If you watched the season finale they stated the shows would be coming back this summer.
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Why do princesses wear a tiara?

When everybody wore hats, your social status could be seen by your hat! At one point in history all women wore some kind of head covering, so young ladies wore them too. The r ( Full Answer )
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How do you enchant an air tiara in runescape?

Sorry to disappoint you, but you CANNOT Enchant Tiara's To Make a tiara: Get a plain tiara, a talisman that you want the type of tiara you want to be. go to the runec ( Full Answer )
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How do you make an air tiara on runescape?

Get a plain tiara, a talisman that you want the type of tiara you want to be. go to the runecrafting altar and craft away where
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How can you make a tiara?

get tiara mould at al khaid east of furnace and use silver bar with mould at furnace
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Is tiara a name?

Yes, but it originally referred to a crown-like band that was worn in the hair (and the word still has this meaning today).
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How do you get on toddlers in tiaras?

You have to go the the TLC website and contact the producers via e mail. However i have heard that they are very selective and are currently having a long wait list right now. ( Full Answer )
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What do tiaras do on RuneScape?

for example: after the rune mysteries quest go to the air altar with a tiara and a talisman. Use the talisman on the mysterious ruins to get teleported to the place where you ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a tiara on runes scape?

The easiest way to get just about anything on RuneScape is to buy it at the Grand Exchange. You can also make a plain tiara (just called "tiara") using a silver bar on a furna ( Full Answer )
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What does tiara mean in french?

Tiara is not a French word. It is medieval Italian in origin, from the Latin, via the Greek.
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What are bridal tiaras made of?

Bridal tiaras can be made of Pearl Tiaras (faux pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Keshi Pearls and Mother of Pearl), Crystal Tiaras (Swarovski Crystals,Austrian Crystals and Rhinesto ( Full Answer )
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What is tiara day?

Tiara day is on June 6th. It is when you wear your favorite tiara all day!!!!
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What are opinions on Toddlers and Tiaras?

I think Toddlers & Tiaras is a bad show....I mean half the kids on that show don't even want to be there and their moms are forcing them and it's not right and there is the ot ( Full Answer )
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How To Get Any Tiara On Club Penguin?

on an updated catalog or in a free pile of tiaras oh and im a club penguin expert to add me as a friend type down "Blueguy881"
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What is a mini tiara called?

it is called a coronet and you get them in jewellery shops by carole-ann crofts AKA the donut