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What means low tibs in blood work?

A presence of low TIBC means the body has an inability for totaliron-binding capacity. This could indicate iron disorders, whichcan cause oxidative stress.
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What does the medical abbreviation TIB mean?

The word TIB in medical terms means tibia, which is the larger of the two bones in the leg located between the knee and the ankle. The smaller bone in the same region of the l ( Full Answer )
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Is there a river tib in Manchester?

Yes, although it is now completely culverted. It runs down Tib Street and then across the city centre under the town hall extension, the main library and the dining room of th ( Full Answer )
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Who started the bank called TIB?

TIB, short for Tanzania Investment Bank was not founded by an individual, but was instead founded by the government of Tanzania. The bank was established by a 1970 act in the ( Full Answer )