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What is tie-dye?

The term tie-dye refers to the process of taking a garment and using strings or rubberbands to "tie" it in several different spots. Then it is put in "dye" and after it is don (MORE)
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How do you tie-dye a shirt?

OK here are the steps, 1.find a white shirt 2.take hair ties and crunch it all up them 3.take paint (your color choices) 4.put paint in squeezer things... 5.squeeze (MORE)
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How do you tie-dye sneakers?

as many years with teedee (if you will) experience ive rarely wondered what would be a possible way to teedee (again if you will) some snazzy canvas sneaks and how to do it fi (MORE)
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Is there a difference between tying and tieing?

The spelling tieing is not an acceptable modern form. The correct spelling is tying (as with die, lie, and vie which form the present participle/gerunds dying, lying, and (MORE)
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How do you get tie-dye off of your hands?

Although it's really hard to completely remove the dye from your hands try using a simple heavy duty kitchen sponge. It should be one with the scrub side on it. Scrub with dis (MORE)
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What is tie-dyeing?

Tie-dye is a process of dyeing fabrics or clothing which is made from knit or woven fabric, usually cotton; typically using bright colors.
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Who first used tie-dye?

Tie-dye originated from Africa and Asia about 5000 years ago.
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Where did tie-dye come from?

2000 years ago, Chinese used the tie-dye method in the Tang dynasty. Japan still keep tie-dye work that the Tang dynasty made in one of their many palaces. but it's no longer (MORE)
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What is detail tie-in?

A Test in auditing that test the articulation of the same number in different parts of the report.
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How do you tie-dye a hat?

To tie-dye a hat, you will need: White cotton hat 10 rubber bands 4 or 5 gallon bucket Red or blue fabric dye Paint stir stick Paper towels Scissors Step 1: (MORE)
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What to wear with a tie-dye shirt?

Its easy! All you have to wear is really depending on you!! if you are lazy... sweats are cozy and if your active... black or white basketball pants are great! What i wear wit (MORE)
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What are good fabric to tie-dye?

When using many dyes, the main consideration is to use all-natural, non-synthetic fibers. Cotton, linen, silk and wool are great options.
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Who discovered tie-dye?

there are many forms of tie-dying that have been practised by any different cultures such as the Japanese and acient Indians. This dates back to times of about 5000 years ago. (MORE)
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How do you tie-dyeing with a kit?

If you have a kid, you probably have all of the dye, and some rubber bands. How you place your rubber bands on the fabric depends on what you want to do with your design. If (MORE)
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How do you spell tieing like tieing a game?

The verb tenses are tie, tied, tying (change ie to y). Most often, you'd say the teams tied the game. I can't think of a sentence structure that would appropriately use "tying (MORE)
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What rhymes with tie-in?

(I-yin) Achaian andiron angle/cast-/corrugated/cramp/electric/golf/pig/pump/sheet/steam/stirrup/waffle/wrought/ iron anion antlion buy/get someone's eye/lie/lie-/ in (Califor (MORE)
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What is a my-tie?

A "mai tai" is a cocktail that is made with rum and curacao liquor.