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What are floor tiles and ceramic tiles?

Floor tiles are tiles made for use on a floor. They can be made of ceramic, terra-cotta, linoleum, vinyl and other materials. Ceramic tiles are a type of tile made from harden (MORE)
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Why can a triangle be tiled?

A triangle can be tiled because it has more than three sides and its angles are all different.
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What are tiles of nobility?

They are the titles bestowed by a monarch and expressly forbidden by the US constitution. Although there are US citizens who covertly hold honorary British and European knight (MORE)
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What are vetrified tiles?

Vitrified Tile is a tile is created by the Vitrification process . It is processed in ways that it has very low porosity (and water absorption) making it stain-resistant (MORE)
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What is algebraic tiles?

Uses Adding integers. Algebra tiles can be used for adding [[integers]].Kitts, N: "Using Homemade Algebra Tiles to Develop Algebra and Prealgebra Concepts", page 463. MATHEM (MORE)
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What tiles are feebas on?

\ncongrats ticket 2.....4 tiles of feebas!each day 4 tiles have feebas in mt.coronet these tiles depend on the date.example in today was march 27,1999 it would be on the tile (MORE)
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What rhymes with tiles?

styles files wiles miles guiles piles dials riles trials vials smiles
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How do you clean tiles?

There are chemicals available in pool stores to help remove film or light mineral deposits. Once mineral deposits become thick you can use pumice. If that doesn't work or is t (MORE)
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How tiles are made?

\nvery dependant. usually clay, that is moulded, then heated in a kiln, or something similar, then glazed.
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Why do tiles crack?

If a force is strong enough, it will crack the tile. Fast movement of the earth might cause tile to crack also.
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What is vitrified tiles?

Heres a great answer from the database, might tr searching that when you have a ??? Vitrified tile is a thin slab of fired clay which has been made glasslike or glazed throu (MORE)
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What is manglore tiles?

These are the tiles used to cover the roofs. They are prepared from clay, red in color (as they are burnt) and prepared in a couple of shapes. A pattern in wood is made on the (MORE)
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What are corrugated tiles?

Corrugated tiles meanssheets of tiles that are using for building purpose. Such materialsare using for design and making house roof looking great. Suchtiles are May available (MORE)
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What are dado tiles?

Dado tiles are section on a pedestal between the base and surbase.A decorated lower part or wall's paneled, which sits 23ft abovefloor with horizontal molding. In architectura (MORE)
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What tiles is better in your bathroom is it plastic tiles or clay tiles?

I prefer Ceramic Floor Tiles. Ceramics score high on theease-of-maintenance, but they are not nearly as comfortable to barefeet as vinyl, or as easy to install. They offer a g (MORE)
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What do you do with the blank tiles?

You can use the blank tiles to represent any letter you like. When you play the letter, you tell the other player what the letter represents. It stays the selected letter as l (MORE)
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Where can you buy tiles?

you can buy tiles from morbi,rajkot(gujrat) morbi is called tiles capital of india
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What is PGVT Tiles?

It is Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles.
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What is the digital tiles?

Digital tiles are tiles that have been printed with a ceramic-tile printer.
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What is Met-Tile?

Met-Tile is roofing that appears to be made of tile but is actuallymetal.
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Why are tiles useful?

To protect you from the exposed ground underneath.
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What does tiled mean?

It means that the structure or area has tiles attached to it, like a bathroom floor or the area around a swimming pool.