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How many tines on a dinner fork?

I am answering this for a game called Dream World on Facebook, lol, it's part of a trivia question, the answer is 4.
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What is tines?

The pointy parts of a fork.
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How many tines can a bee sting you?

once. the sting the bee gives causes the stinger to release into the person and tear from the bee itself. The bee thus soon reportedly dies as a result of the removal of its s (MORE)
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What are tines of a fork?

tines are the little fingers/spokes that come from the top of the fork, the tines are the parts you stab food with to pick it up.
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What is 2 tined fork?

It is a fork with two points, usually used to lift portions of meat.
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What do you call fork with two tines?

It is a carving fork because it is used with a carving knife to hold the meat while you are carving with the knife and getting pieces out of it.
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Why does a pitchfork have three tines?

Pitchforks actually have varying tines. Those with three are usually used for hay, corn, etc. The more tines may be used for different materials such as manure.