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Why does your upper left arm tingle?

Answer . This can be caused by many things. The least ones are having your arm in one position for too long, or doing repetitive work that uses the same muscles and tendon ( Full Answer )
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What are the causes of tingling in ear?

Tingling by the ear could be caused from Temporomandibulardisorders such as TMJ. It could also be from diabetes or sensorynerve damage.
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What causes tingling?

Tingling can be caused by a variety of things. Poor blood supply toan affected area, insect or animal bite, and carpal tunnel syndromeare some reason for tingling. Radiation t ( Full Answer )
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Why do you get a tingling sensation in your thighs after exercise?

Your thighs usually feel tingly, like Jell-o, because they are out of oxygen. With the oxygen being constantly used, your muscles are fermenting (hence why they feel like Jell ( Full Answer )
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What causes tingling in ear?

when you feel tingling in your ear it is probably beacause the little leprachauns in your brain are having a dance party in club thong a ding dong
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What causes tingling in the right arm?

Probably a trapped nerve in the neck, shoulder or elbow. However if you are worried about something that may be wrong with you, you should go and see a qualified medical pract ( Full Answer )
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Tingling in face?

If you are feeling tingling in your face it is because of a nervedysfunction or nerve damage. There are many different causes tothis sensation which include neuropathy, multip ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms of spine tingling?

Some synonyms for spine tingling are exciting, electrifying, hairraising, mind blowing, and shocking. Arousing, enlivening, andshocking are a few more good ones.
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Why are your lower teeth tingling?

I don't know for certain why my lower teeth are tingling, and I don't know how you knew they were tingling in the first place, or why you care. But I've done some googling and ( Full Answer )
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What are the ingredients in fruit tingles?

Ingredients include: dextrose (may contain corn syrup solids and/or maltodextrin), citric acid, calcium stearate, artificial flavors, colors.
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Why do your fingers tingle?

There are various reasons that your fingers might tingle. Youshould consult a doctor if the feeling persists for some time.
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Tingling in fingers?

Tingling in your fingers could be a sign of a pinched nerve in your spine, especially if you are not experiencing tingling anywhere else. It can also be caused by restriction ( Full Answer )
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Why the skin tingle?

Your skin sometimes tingles because your blood pulses too close to your skin and it makes a pinching or itiching sensation.
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Why do you get tingles when kissing?

\nA couple different reasons why you tingle when you kiss someone:\n. \n1. Kissing is a new concept to you, you're nervous, almost like butterflies, wondering if you're doing ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean to get a tingle?

If it happens when you are alone, it is probably meaningless and can be dismissed. If it happens in the presence of that certain someone it means you are special. Keep doing w ( Full Answer )
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Why do crotches tingle?

When your crotch tingles, that means your turned on it also can mean you have a infection
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Why are your ball tingling?

you might need to go tell the doctor that when you put your finger up your bum and it bleeds that's when your ball tingling.
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Why does it hurt and tingle when I shave my legs?

It could be that you don't have enough soap or shaving cream on your legs when you shave. Try wetting your legs before and put lots of soap or shaving cream on them. Or you co ( Full Answer )
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Why do girls vaginas tingle?

All of the female's sexual organs are located within her body except the vulva . The vulva consists of two sets of folded skin ( labia major, labia minor ) that cover the ope ( Full Answer )
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Why does a wound tingle?

Tingling or itching uses the same neural pathways as pain. So a tingling sensation is basically a low-firing pain sensation.
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What causes tingling in your arms?

When your arms are bent or having pressure put on them, there are veins/arteries in your arm which are making the blood flow around your body and down your arm. When you flatt ( Full Answer )
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Why do your left hand fingers tingle?

When playing the Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, or Baritone Saxophone, your left hand keys should not tingle. If this is common on your Saxophone, then you might want to go ( Full Answer )
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How do you kill Tingle in Majora's Mask?

You can't sadly unless you have gameshark or hack Although, you can pop his balloon and watch him fall to the ground. =)
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How are numbness and tingling diagnosed?

A careful history of the patient is needed for a diagnosis of paresthesias. The medical history should focus on the onset, duration, and location of symptoms. The history may ( Full Answer )
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What is a dingle tingle?

Well a dingle tingle is a feeling you get when you dont know what the tingle is.
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Who has tingling the moshling?

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How do you get nipper and tingling?

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Is tingling a moshing?

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How do you get tingling on moshimonsters?

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What is a tingle factor?

The term 'tingle factor' can mean many most cases, it usually means A factor of something that makes you happy and/or pleased; whether referring to physical or ( Full Answer )