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Who is TI?

T.I is a rapper and a singer.HE LOOKS LIKE THIS. he sang a song called live your life with rihanna.......................
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What does TI DO ME mean?

Answer . They're musical notes for B, C, and E. If that's meant to mean something to you, BCE is used to represent "Before common era" as far as dates go.. ---. It's wha ( Full Answer )
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What are tied shops?

It is when an insurance company owns or derives some income in an auto body repair shop and then requires their customers to have their cars repaired at that shop.
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What is tied aid?

Tied aid is when the country giving the aid also benefits economically. This is more of an agreement than bilateral aid, but it may worsen a country. eg. Britain will keep T ( Full Answer )
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What is tubes tied?

It's really mis-named; it's the deliberate severing and scarring of the fallopian tubes to prevent the fertilization of eggs. To say they are tied sort of infers that they can ( Full Answer )
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Do you like TI?

I like dead and gone (feat. Justin Timberlake) live ur like (feat. Rihanna) and whatever u like (feat. nobody!) LOL!!! ROCK ON T.I!!!!!!! . i love all his songs!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Full Answer )
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Where does rapper ti get the name ti from?

T.I. was born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. on September 25, 1980, in Bankhead , Atlanta , Georgia . [2] He was raised by his grandparents and was a drug dealer as a teen ( Full Answer )
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What is ti height?

i think he about 5ft8" or 9" but he look shorter because of his frame and he always standing next to tall people...
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Autobiography of TI?

now dah autobio of my bae t.i is really long so to make it short all i got to say is he is the best rapper alive ok.... but juss to make it serious ma bae t.i. real name is cl ( Full Answer )
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What is a ti-liger?

It is a cross breed between a male tiger and a female liger/tigon or a male lion with a female tigon/liger. Do note that female ligers or tigons are fertile. They are extremel ( Full Answer )
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What are ties?

A tie is something that attaches or fastens items together. In other words, a tie is something that holds items together.
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How did TI get his name Ti?

T.I. was born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. on September 25, 1980, in Bankhead , Atlanta , Georgia . [2] He was raised by his grandparents and was a drug dealer as a teen ( Full Answer )
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Who was ti?

a singer. he sang genre 'rap'. and here is a song of his if you've never heard of him before: That's All She Wrote
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What did TI do?

A possible answer :. The Calculator Manufacturer 'Texas Instruments' has always been refered to as 'TI'
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What is the ti?

T.I. doesn't stand for anything. His childhood name was Tip, that's what everyone called him when he was growing up. So he just shortened it to T.I. because of the rapper Q-Ti ( Full Answer )
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Does ti ti mean aunt?

Yes , 'ti-ti' is a Spanish equivalent of 'aunt'. But it's a particularly affectionate way of saying 'tia'. So perhaps a more correct English equivalent is 'auntie' or 'aunty'. ( Full Answer )
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Where was TI from?

T.I. is a rapper born in Riverdale Georgia(a city right outside of Atlanta), raisied in Atlanta Georgia, now he lives in Los Angeles Cali.
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Why did ti pick the name ti?

T.I.'s full rap name was T.I.P. & he got it from his grandfather as a child, he just shortened it to T.I. because at the time he was signed to a record label with an already e ( Full Answer )
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What does ti ti mean?

If it's in a spanish spoken country the refer to a monkey "el mico ti ti" In Puerto rico they refer to a the auntie in a nicest way "tia = titi"
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Do vampires were bow ties or ties?

Since they are not real i guess your talking about cartoon/dressing up as one and they wear bow ties.
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Why did ti call himself ti?

when t.i was first signed to laface records in 2000 he was known as tip. but due to a fellow label mate Q tip he shorten his name to t.i
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How much are ties?

Ties can be nearly any price, but I wouldn't suggest buying one you want to look good in for less than $40 in a department store.
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Are thick ties or skinny ties in?

That depends on where you are going. Certain formal occasions call for a thicker, or more traditional necktie. The knot on your necktie also determines the thick/skinny look, ( Full Answer )
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Where can ties cross?

Ties can connect any two notes of the same pitch, and effectively add the lengths of the two notes together.
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Where does TI live?

TI and Tiny and the rest of his family live in a suburbanneighborhood in Jonesboro GA.
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What is a ti liger?

A ti liger is a lion breed with a tiger then breed back to a tiger
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What is tied for second?

It means 2 or more had the same score, so they draw for secondplace together
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What is a TI used for?

If what your question is related to graphics technology, It is merely a Graphics accelerator (Clocking up to 2x its speed).
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Why do we get tongue tied?

your brain gets in a muddle and the words just will not come out, so you develope a temporary stutter.
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Are bow ties better or ties?

In my points of view, both ties will lookbetter the shirt, skinny tie or bow tie in any ceremony. You canget best Skinny Ties from Skinny Tie Madness at affordable prices.I th ( Full Answer )
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Homophone for tied?

The correct homophone for 'tied' is 'tide' as in the ocean.Example: The tide was strong.
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Is tied an adverb?

No, it is not. It is the past tense and past participle of the verb(to tie) and can be used as an adjective (e.g. a tied score).
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What actors and actresses appeared in Ti Ti Ti - 2010?

The cast of Ti Ti Ti - 2010 includes: Bebel Ambrosio as Milena Thaila Ayala as Amanda Moura Armando Babaioff as Thales Salmeron Ana Baird as Presa Marcelo Barros as Wagner Isa ( Full Answer )
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Do ti get high?

I think so, but I don't...see ti is like my idol and of course I'mgoing to doubt everything bad about him. But when he was in L.Awith his wife,Tiny, they got busted for having ( Full Answer )
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What gang is TI in-?

TI is not longer in a gang. He once was known to be in a gang butonce he was out of prison he officially got out of the gang.