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What do you do if you have powers?

Depending on what type of powers you have, most people get into the super hero or super villain business. Others start to visit a therapist. new answer Another word for po ( Full Answer )
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What is a power?

By 'a power' I would understand you to mean a number raised to a power, such as 4 3 . You can then refer to this as 'four to the power of three'
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How do we get power?

you get power by staying healthy. drinking floids and get lots of rest. your welcome
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What can will power do?

Will power can make the difference of whether you succeed or fail. If you diet, or smoke or drink heavily or have any kind of habit that you want to change about yourself; If ( Full Answer )
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How do you have powers?

well you can get a glass of water move your, hands like you have powers and close your eyes and close them tightly and keep repeating this , I'm going to have powers, and repe ( Full Answer )
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Who has the power?

He-Man! There are many different kinds of power. Arguably, heads of state have the most power over condition of life. Other answers: . The Power Company . power l ( Full Answer )
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Can you have powers?

yes get to the age of 13 look at 2 bats and say:my my cradle and cry i need the powers to nan die
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Do I have power?

That depends. If you believe that knowledge is power, and you have knowledge, than yes. If you believe having skills means having power... etc. It's all about how you define ( Full Answer )
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What power do you get on super power island?

After you defeat five of the villains, you can fly. That's the only power you get. (But there are some pretty cool super suits at the Masks and Capes costume shop.)
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What is the power?

Power in electricity is the rate at which electrical energy(E) is produced or consumed in a given time(t). Is measured in watts(W).
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How can you get powers?

same time i wish i had super power but i dont know where to get it. same time i wish i had super power but i dont know where to get it. same time i wish i had super power bu ( Full Answer )
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What is power?

Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form, such asmotion, heat, or an electromagnetic field. The common symbol for power is the uppe ( Full Answer )
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How do get powers?

If you mean powers like flying and invisibility, that is impossible. The only beliefs of powers like that is if you survive going through a black hole and that is impossible. ( Full Answer )
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What can solar power power?

Solar power can be used to help power a house up to supply energy to the grid. Solar thermal power can be used in conjunction with conventional thermal power plants and save o ( Full Answer )
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What are the ways in which power stations can be powered?

Power turbines are driven by steam. Steam can be raised by thermal, nuclear or geothermal processes. Wind and water can also drive a generator. The auxiliaries for a power st ( Full Answer )
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What is the Huntly power station powered by?

The Huntly Power Station has three plants. One can use coal and gas and produces 1000 MW. The second can also us coal and gas and produces 50 MW. The third is a combined cycle ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your powers on super power island?

To get your super flying power (needed to chase Betty Jetty), capture the first five supervillains. When you do, the pay phone will ring on Main Street. Answer it to get your ( Full Answer )
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What does the power intverter in a power supply do?

The primary function of the power inverter in a power supply is tochange the direct current (DC) to the alternating current (AC). Thedesign of the power inverter is dependent ( Full Answer )
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What is the magnification power of low power?

The magnification power of low power (lp) is 100x. The optical lens is 10 and the objective lens is 10; when the two are multiplyed together the total is 100x.
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What is positive power and negative power?

x raised to a positive power, a is xa where a > 0. If a is an integer then it is equal to x * x *...* x wherethere are a lots of x . x raised to a negative pow ( Full Answer )
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What are the powers of a power of attorney?

The powers are the subjects listed in the power of attorney that specify how the attorney-in-fact can act for the principal.
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Is the power to tax a reserved power?

No, the power of tax is not held by the reserved powers, it is held by the concurrent powers.
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Do the power of words have power?

You've heard the saying "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me." This saying is completely false. Words have about as much power as a weapon. Words ( Full Answer )
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Who were the Axis powers and the allied powers?

The Axis was Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan, and formerly Russia until Germany invaded them and the Allies were Britain, Russia after the invasion, China, and the USA.
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What types of powers do the power rangers have?

Each team has differing powers whether they are magical,technological or animal in nature. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Alien Rangers with theexception of Green Ra ( Full Answer )
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How does solar power power homes?

Think of it this way: The sun is creating energy through heat. Ifthere was a way to trap that energy so it could be used later on,you'd be able to generate electricity with it ( Full Answer )
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What are the power ranger samurai's power?

the red ranger is fire.the blue ranger is water.the green ranger is forest.the pink ranger is wind.the yellow ranger is earth and the gold ranger is light.
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What powers are in darkest powers series?

Tori is a witch, Simon is a wizard, Derek is a werewolf and Chloeis a necromancer (she can bring back the dead and make them dothings for her). Hope I helped :-)
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Is power transformer transform power?

transformers usually change voltage power remains almost the same depending on the quantity of iron and copper the transformer well have a power rating 25 pounds of i ( Full Answer )
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What are powerful?

The love necklace. It's only found in Australia. There's no other powerful things but in the future people say we will find dangerous things.
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How do I get powers?

All I can say is that you can't. If you could, you would be bornwith it like me.