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What is a toad?

A toad is a adorable creature with bumpy skin, short legs, no teeth, and lives mostly on land.. a toad is an anphibein that lives in swamps or pounds.. Toads are part of t ( Full Answer )
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How do toads poop?

Well,they have a slot were the human cox-ix should be.They shall let minuer out of it.
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What do toads like?

do you know what toads like well, here is what your toad would like your mom!
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Where to get food for a toad?

You could catch bugs outside in the summer. Look under logs and rocks. In the winter, or if you just don't want to bughunt, you could get worms and crickets at the bait shop ( Full Answer )
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How do you care for a toad?

To care for a toad(frog) u need to have a fun envierment and a big cage so they can hop around. Toads(frogs) They like to eat flys or small insects. Toads(frogs) do not eat le ( Full Answer )
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When a toad is pregnat?

It's very common in spring time is around mating season and in about june and early july you will start seeing little tiny baby toads but as in pet wise toads mate whenever th ( Full Answer )
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Do toads have Salmonella?

Not all of them but some can carry it...just make sure to wash your hands after touching him/her
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What type of toads are there?

There are many types of toads. Fowler Toad, Common Toad, American toad, Fire Bellie Toad, and Barn Toads. Of course there are more than that but those are the ones i am more f ( Full Answer )
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How catch a toad?

just pick it up then put it in a cage or container with small air holes not big enough for it to get out
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Can toads eat toads?

Yes. Toads will eat anything that fits in their mouths as long as it moves first.
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Can a toad live with another toad?

Well it depends if the toads get along if they do then yes if they dont then no. Yes but also, some toads actually do better in pairs, but yes they do have to be able to get ( Full Answer )
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What is a toad before its a toad?

A Toad was two things before it was a Toad. Amphibians lay eggs,called spawn. These spawn grow into tadpoles that develop lungs andlegs and leave the water.
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Is the common toad a frog or a toad?

It is a toad. The American toad is the common toad. There is also a common frog. Don't get them mixed up!. The same is true in the UK: we have common toads which are toads, a ( Full Answer )
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Why is toad from Mario called toad?

Because toadstool is the sort of mushroom that is red with white spots, and he is white with red spots so his name is toad which is short for toadstool.
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Is a horned toad really a toad?

A horned toad is actually a lizard.I know this because I did a report on them and got 100%
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How do you get a toad?

Toads are usually found in gardens or yards in summer months. You can usually catch a toad during night time when they feed.
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How do you tell what kind of toad a toad is?

By color, size, and wart patterns. Sometimes it can be quite tricky, especially between the American toad and fowlers toad. The only way to tell on those two is that the fowle ( Full Answer )
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How do you get toad?

It depends on where you live, i live in Columbus Ohio, and found my toad in my backyard (and boy am i lucky!).
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How old is your toad in toad years?

Toads have a lifespan of 55 years or more if taken care of correctly, so the toad to human years wouldn't be very different. My toad is 15 in human years so she is most likely ( Full Answer )
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Will a toad eat a dead toad?

Generally, no. Toads must usually see their food move before they eat it. Adult toads eat insects and invertebrates, such as flies, grasshoppers, spiders, beetles, crickets, ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find a toad?

I'm not sure where you live but where i live we have gas meters about 9" in the ground covered by a plastic cover you can lift the covers and you might find one there or look ( Full Answer )
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Are toads consumers?

Toads are consumers, due to the fact that toads CONSUME things.Toads consume water, crickets, worms, beetles, frogs, etc. A toaddoes not make his/her own food, unlike plants.
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What is a toad stool?

It is a type of mushroom. It is the comical red mushroom with whites spots.
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How many toads will a pregnant toad have?

First off, toads do not get pregnant. They lay eggs and the male fertilizes them externally. A female toad may have hundreds of eggs ripe and ready to lay but none will be via ( Full Answer )
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Where is the toad on panfu?

well if you are looking for the the toad from the save the pokopets quest then it is in the eerie forest.
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Were is the toad on panfu?

it is in the Erie jungle. how to get there: go to the volcano click on the left corner you should see a light, click on it. and there is the toad. ;0
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Why are toads weird?

I think toads are pretty cool, not weird. Some people think they'reweird because they look funny and kind of gross, but they're notbad as long as you know how to be around the ( Full Answer )
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What do frogs have that toads do not have?

Frogs have smooth skin and usually have small teeth in their upper jaws, and toads have lumpy skin and no teeth at all.
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Is a horned toad a horned toad?

Well, there are horned toads and horned frogs. Horned toads are acually lizards with hornes and spikes and horned frogs are frogs with horns as well.
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What is the taxonomy of a toad?

A toad may belong to any of a number of species of amphibians inthe order "Anura" (frogs).
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How do toads explode?

the answer to this question is quite simple, really: smart crows. crows have found if they peck a toad in the liver, they explode, making a meal for them.
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Can a toad get hurt by a toad?

Yes, a toad can hurt another toad. When a toad decided to another toad, it might attack a larger toad. It might get it's mouth around a part of it and try to eat it. That brak ( Full Answer )
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Who created toad of toad hall?

maybe Kenneth Williams. he wrote wind in the willows, where toad of toad hall appeared. It wasn't A A Milne - who wrote the play - as i think he was born long after the wind i ( Full Answer )
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Why do toads eat other toads?

Because they will eat anything that moves and is small enough to fit in their mouths.
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Why is a toad called a toad?

Because there are many key differences, which I can get fromanother one of my answers due to how lenghty it would be to type itall out. Toads have round bodies that are dry an ( Full Answer )