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Is Yolanda Adams With her husband toady?

Yolanda Yvette Adams is a gospel singer, record producer, actress,and radio host. She has not went public about her relationship.
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Why is an obsequious sycophant called a toady?

A Toady is an obsequious sycophant. An obsequious sycophant is a person who constantly flatters important people. Other people would call this person a toady. Obsequious: Comp ( Full Answer )
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Use toadies in a sentence?

Meaning "those who flatter" or "fawning persons," the word"toadies" is not common in contemporary English but can be quiteusefully employed. One example-sentence for it is as ( Full Answer )
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How many bald eagles are estimated to be living toady?

The population of the Bald Eagle in the US has recovered to the point it is no longer listed as an endangered species -- it is still protected, however. The low point was 4 ( Full Answer )
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How can you learn from these mummys toady about ancient Egypt?

DNA testing, tut was sampled and it is now known that ahkenaton is tutankahmuns father, kyia is tutankahmuns mother neffertiti was ahkenatons favorite wife neffertiti's mummy ( Full Answer )
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Are toad fish and toadies the same thing?

Toadies or Toady (singular) in short are followers. Think Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy. Every bully has his toadies. Malfoy's toadies are Crabbe and Goyle. Toadies are also ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the term 'toady'?

The term 'toady' has two meanings. The first is a noun, meaning a person who will behave obsequiously to a person of importance. The second is an verb, meaning to act in an ob ( Full Answer )
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How are planes built toady?

Planes today are built in parts. Many parts are pre-assembled and taken to a final assembly airfield.