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Where was Jesus tried?

His first trial was by Annas and then the High Priest Caiaphas after being sent to him by Annas - Caiaphas' father-in-law. This took place in the courtyard of the High Priest' (MORE)
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What rhymes with tried?

Bride, cried, dried, fried, pride, ride, stride, hide, lied, died, collide, and pried. Here are some: guide, lied, pride, stride, glide, abide, fried, spied, bride, pried, cri (MORE)
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Was job tried?

Job was tried in every way imaginable. He had his children killed before his eyes, all of his livestock taken or killed, boils put on his face and other health issues, and on (MORE)
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Have you tried

I have never heard of it. Personally, I have tried them, and it is working! I would recommend them, they successfully released the curse from my sister, she is Pregnant fina (MORE)
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What is the TRIS register?

It is a TRI State (3 state)Register (TRISA, TRISB etc) . Output High . Output Low . Input (High Impedance)
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What do you do when your tried to be kidnapped?

if you have a cell phone try to leave it on and turn the volume off. the police can track you down if your cell phone is on. but make sure you hide the cell phone in your br (MORE)
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What is the synonym for tries?

attempt, aspire, do one's best, drive for, go after, go all out, have a go, make an attempt, make an effort, propose, seek, shoot for, speculate, strive, struggle, tackle.
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What is the synonym of tried?

Synonyms of tried would be words that mean the same thing. It also depends on which version of tried is meant. Does it mean tried as in "I tried to reach my teacher over the p (MORE)
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How do you spell tries?

The spelling "tries" can be the third person singular, present tense of to try . Example: He sometimes tries to catch fireflies. It is also the correct spelling of the (MORE)
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Is tried an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The word tried is the past tense (and pastparticiple) id the verb to try. It can be used as an adjective.There is no adverb form.