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What does tried mean?

Tried means you put an effort into something, or atempted something, or it can mean that you were put on trial for a crime
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Where was Jesus tried?

His first trial was by Annas and then the High Priest Caiaphas after being sent to him by Annas - Caiaphas' father-in-law. This took place in the courtyard of the High Priest' ( Full Answer )
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When can you be tried again?

\nIn general, the answer is that you cannot be tried for the same crime twice. You can be tried in federal court on the same facts under a different theory if you have been a ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with tried?

Bride, cried, dried, fried, pride, ride, stride, hide, lied, died, collide, and pried. Here are some: guide, lied, pride, stride, glide, abide, fried, spied, bride, pried, cri ( Full Answer )
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What is the tri force?

the triforce is the embodiment of power which the three goddesses din, naryu, and farore, passed down to the earth once they were done creeating it. shaped in three triangles ( Full Answer )
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What is Tris HCl?

\n"Tris" is a chemical compound used as a buffer. The full name is tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane. Tris has the ability to absorb counter ions (+H and -OH) so as to help kee ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with tries?

Flies. Spies. Dries. Prize. Advise. Disguise. Wise. Cries. Eye's. Flies. Spies. Dries. Prize. Advise. Disguise. Wise. Cries. Eye's
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Where were the Rosenbergs tried?

U.S. Federal Court for the Southern District, New York City. It sits in Manhattan. Assistant U.S. Attorney Roy Cohen was the prosecutor.
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What is tri-sexual?

Truthfully, tri-sexual really came from try-sexual but people never thought of it that way in being spelt. Try-sexual was just a slang for you'll try anything once. Now mos ( Full Answer )
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How witches were tried?

basically, if you were a woman, you were a witch, you were arrested, tortured, and killed. Some men were killed to but once you were accused it was game over.
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Who are inpeachments tried by?

Presidential impeachments are tried by the U.S. Senate with the Chief Justice of the United States presiding.
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What is a tri-balance?

In accounting , the trial balance is a worksheet listing the balance at a certain date, of each ledger account in two columns, namely debit and credit . Under th ( Full Answer )
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What is a tri fold?

a tri fold is a three sided card board or foam board poster. these can stand up without help so they are good for presentations.
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What is Fit to be tried?

The common phrase is "Fit to be tied." :: Cassell's Dictionary of Slang says that it is mid-19th century in origin. Cassell just says that the phrase evokes someone "so hyst ( Full Answer )
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What does tri stand for?

Tri means having three. It is used in words like triangle that hasthree sides and triplets which is when three babies are born at onetime to the same parents.
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Who are the tri murti?

The Trimurti is the divine trinity of Bramha (the creator), Vishnu (the protector), and Mahesh (shiva)(the destroyer).
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What is a tri marathon?

a tri marathon usaully is a run, cycle and swim or any other 3 sports
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Where are crimes tried?

Crimes are tried according to local laws or rules. There may be some formal process or not, depending on the location and any legislation in force. Added: Crimes are tried ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between tris and tris hcl?

They are all basically the same thing. Tris-HCl is just the Tris base converted to a salt with HCl. You can buy either one. The advantage of starting with powdered Tris-HCl is ( Full Answer )
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How have the Europeans tried tried to claim taj mahal as their own?

they buried their minister in the grave there when he died and tried to say he been there before anyone else so then shag jahans people would let them have it....but please ne ( Full Answer )
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Where does tri came from?

The word tri comes from like tripod, a tripod has three stands now isf you take the h out of three it becomes tree and it sounds like tri, that's a way to remember it, it come ( Full Answer )
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How do people get tried?

People get tired because of the breakdown of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is what supplies energy to the body's cells. When ATP breaks down from prolonged metabolic acti ( Full Answer )
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Was job tried?

Job was tried in every way imaginable. He had his children killed before his eyes, all of his livestock taken or killed, boils put on his face and other health issues, and on ( Full Answer )
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Have you tried

I have never heard of it. Personally, I have tried them, and it is working! I would recommend them, they successfully released the curse from my sister, she is Pregnant fina ( Full Answer )
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What is the TRIS register?

It is a TRI State (3 state)Register (TRISA, TRISB etc) . Output High . Output Low . Input (High Impedance)
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What do you do when your tried to be kidnapped?

if you have a cell phone try to leave it on and turn the volume off. the police can track you down if your cell phone is on. but make sure you hide the cell phone in your br ( Full Answer )
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What is the synonym for tries?

attempt, aspire, do one's best, drive for, go after, go all out, have a go, make an attempt, make an effort, propose, seek, shoot for, speculate, strive, struggle, tackle.
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What is the synonym of tried?

Synonyms of tried would be words that mean the same thing. It also depends on which version of tried is meant. Does it mean tried as in "I tried to reach my teacher over the p ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell tries?

The spelling "tries" can be the third person singular, present tense of to try . Example: He sometimes tries to catch fireflies. It is also the correct spelling of the ( Full Answer )
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Is tried an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The word tried is the past tense (and pastparticiple) id the verb to try. It can be used as an adjective.There is no adverb form.
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Why is tri nation called tri when it shoud be three?

Number prefixes are prefixes derived from numbers or numerals. In English and other European languages, they are used to coin numerous series of words, such as unicycle - bicy ( Full Answer )
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Is tried a noun?

no, a noun is a person place or thing. so it can not be a noun
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Is tried a pronoun?

No, the word tried is the simple past and the past participle of the verb 'to try'. A past participle of a verb is also used as an adjective.
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Is tried an action?

Yes because you are doing it as an action so that is whyyes. . "Tried" can be a verb or an adjective.