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What is the haydn trio?

The haydn trio is a musical ensemble that has been particularly active during the last 20 years. It consists of three Austrian musicians and has been extremely successfull nat (MORE)
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What is a famous trio?

The Three Stooges. . The Kingston Trio. . Peter, Paul and Mary. . the powerpuff girls ( Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.) . Violet, Klaus and Sunny ( A series of unfortunat (MORE)
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A sentence for trio?

Example sentence: Diane and Walter hired a jazz trio to entertainthe guests at their wedding reception. A synonym for trio isthreesome.
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Who are the creche trio?

\n. \nthe magi...the three wise men who visited baby Jesus\n. \nI would have guessed it to be Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.
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What does the diode trio do?

The old delco diode trio takes the 3 phase rectified voltage from the rectifier bridge and and joins it back into one single phase; readys it for the voltage regulator.
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What is a teutonic trio?

Teutonic trio is a popular crossword puzzle clue. It has appearedin crossword puzzles in the New York Times, Netword, and theWashington Post. The answer is 'drei.'
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What is the tijuana trio?

A Tijuana trio is the name given to a mexican chip and dip type appetizer. It consists of salsa, queso and guacamole as the trio and chips to dip with.
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How do you get the trio in diamond?

Rephrase question do you mean starters cause to get the starters you have to trade over and make a new game
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Is trio a number?

No, but a trio is a set of three things. For instance, the John Butler Trio is a band made up of three people. Here is the dictionary meaning: Trio n,pl trios 1. a group o (MORE)
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Who is the golden trio?

The Golden trio are the three main characters in Harry Potter:Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They are called the golden trio becausethey are "golden", or really important to the st (MORE)