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Who is the terrible trio?

They are one of the main enemies in The Legendary Starfy. Their names are Ronk, Papes, and Snips. Their names are a reference to the game rock, paper, scissors. Ronk is rock ( Full Answer )
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What is the haydn trio?

The haydn trio is a musical ensemble that has been particularly active during the last 20 years. It consists of three Austrian musicians and has been extremely successfull nat ( Full Answer )
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How did the Ghostly Trio die?

They overdosed on heroin. but i thought they commited suicide because they felt ashamed that they were casper's father's brother so they killed him than foe what they did they ( Full Answer )
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How can you blend your eyeshadow trio?

Mkay. Checkit: use three different shades of the same color eyeshadow. (for example, let's say it's pink) Put the shade between lightest and darkest all over your eyelid. Put ( Full Answer )
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What is a famous trio?

The Three Stooges. . The Kingston Trio. . Peter, Paul and Mary. . the powerpuff girls ( Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.) . Violet, Klaus and Sunny ( A series of unfortunat ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for trio?

Example sentence: Diane and Walter hired a jazz trio to entertainthe guests at their wedding reception. A synonym for trio isthreesome.
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Why is Beethoven's ghost trio called the ghost trio?

The Ghost Trio was so named by Czerny because the second movement reminded him of Hamlet's Ghost in Shakespeare. In fact, Beethoven's notes reveal that he was working on an id ( Full Answer )
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Who are the creche trio?

\n. \nthe magi...the three wise men who visited baby Jesus\n. \nI would have guessed it to be Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.
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What is a creche trio?

it is the three wisemen in the nativity at Christmas, also known as a magi
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What does the diode trio do?

The old delco diode trio takes the 3 phase rectified voltage from the rectifier bridge and and joins it back into one single phase; readys it for the voltage regulator.
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What is a teutonic trio?

Teutonic trio is a popular crossword puzzle clue. It has appearedin crossword puzzles in the New York Times, Netword, and theWashington Post. The answer is 'drei.'
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What does scherzo and trio mean?

scherzo is a term in italic(like many other muscial terms) meaning funny, joyful, light and the like. Generally it was a piece written in 3/4, with fast tempo, light character ( Full Answer )
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What is the tijuana trio?

A Tijuana trio is the name given to a mexican chip and dip type appetizer. It consists of salsa, queso and guacamole as the trio and chips to dip with.
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What is a good trio costumes for kids?

Check out the cast of characteres on Mario Kart: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, etc Scooby Doo cast-pick from Freddy, Thelma, Shaggy, Daphne, Scooby Incredibles ( Full Answer )
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How do get the shiny beast trio in Pokemon?

As of Feb. 21, 2011 the trio are downloadable via wifi connection. The Raikou and Entei events have ended. The Suicune evet started today and goes through Sunday. As for celeb ( Full Answer )
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Is trio a good brand of mp3?

No. I have had so much trouble putting music on it and trying to get it to work properly.
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How do you get the trio in diamond?

Rephrase question do you mean starters cause to get the starters you have to trade over and make a new game
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What is jazz trio dancing?

It is a jazz dance :slower than hip hop but faster than ballet or lyrical with three people in it (trio)
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When is the shiny beast trio over?

You cannot get the "shiny beast trio" anymore, but you can still trade them to your copy of Pokemon Black or White to get Zoroark.
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Is trio a number?

No, but a trio is a set of three things. For instance, the John Butler Trio is a band made up of three people. Here is the dictionary meaning: Trio n,pl trios 1. a group o ( Full Answer )
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Where are the trio Pokemon on black and white?

you find it at you should be at 2nd gym go to lostlorn forest they well be the first evolution that's the easiest way to find them instead of other places fire stone water sto ( Full Answer )
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What is the legendary trio in Pokemon Black?

Landorus, Tornadus, Thundorus. Or Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion. Tornadus is only available in Pokemon Black and Thundorus is only available in Pokemon White. You have to tra ( Full Answer )
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What is a trio spell in Kingdom Hearts?

What do you mean? Like a spell that can be used by Sora and his two party members? The most general one is the "Trinity Limit", which is a tri-attack using Sora, Donald, and G ( Full Answer )
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How do you reset a trio model t3000?

There a tiny hole at the bottom, insert a small paper clip and hold until the screen goes black
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How long is a day on planet Trio?

There isn't such a planet called planet trio, not in our solar system at least. A planet trio refers to three planets seen in the same area of the sky, tightly bunched as view ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word trios in a sentence?

You usually wouldn't use it as a plural. Trio means a group ofthree. You might say "the musical trios were competing against oneanother."
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Is trio a verb?

No, it is not a verb. A trio is a noun (three things or people).
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What is a famous trio that starts with an A?

Aramis, Athos & Porthos are a famous trio. They are friends in the novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.
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What is the word origin of trio?

The word comes from French and Italian, both of which got it from Latin-- "tri-" is the prefix in Latin for "three," so a trio refers to three of something. It seems to have c ( Full Answer )
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What is a collective noun for trio?

The noun 'trio' can function as a collective noun for any group ofthree joined together on a common task: . a trio of singers . a trio of dancers . a trio of waiters . a ( Full Answer )
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What is one of a trio of black keys?

F sharp. It's the only major chord that include 3 black keys, with F#, A# and C#. You also have D sharp minor, with D#, Gb and A#, among other chords when you exclude some k ( Full Answer )
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Who are the members of the Vince Guaraldi Trio?

Vince Guaraldi, Eddie Duran, and Dean Reilly made up the members of the Vince Guaraldi Trio. These members were avidly known for their Jazz music and loved by many.
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What is a cello trio?

A cello trio is a group of three cellists that perform together. They generally perform songs written specifically for cello trios.
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Who is the golden trio?

The Golden trio are the three main characters in Harry Potter:Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They are called the golden trio becausethey are "golden", or really important to the st ( Full Answer )