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Tron smith?

Remarkable basketball star who hasn't even reached his breaking point, an undiscovered talent that will wow audiences around the world. Excellent shooting guard with handles a ( Full Answer )
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What is a tron?

Tron is a More than 1 thing. 1: Tron is a 1982 science fiction movie by Disney. It stars Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, Bruce Boxleitner as Tron and his User Alan Bradley, Cind ( Full Answer )
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What is gyro tron?

A gyro tron is a ride at a carnival. People stand on the sides ofone of three circular wheels. The wheels turn very slow then veryfast. The feeling a person gets is that of we ( Full Answer )
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What is tron?

Tron is a movie, set in a computer. In this movie, Tron is a program who "fights for the users."
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Where is hobby tron?

Hobby tron was a man aged 43 He lived in china and recently moved to russia where his mom was born and his father was from Culumbia Hope that helped?
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What is tron about?

A hacker is literally abducted into the world of a computer and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic securi ( Full Answer )
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What is the specific gravity of dex- tron?

First you have to find out who"Dex-tron"is. Dex-tron is really Dexron, an automatic transmission fluid created by General Motors (GM), GM has upgraded the Dexron specification ( Full Answer )
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Where can you play tron?

That would depend on which version of Tron you are trying to play. The original Tron video arcade machines have been discontinued for more than two decades. If you can find ( Full Answer )
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When will Tron Legacy be released?

So far there is no scheduled release date for the Tron Legacy ; you can sign up at and they will email you when these items are available .
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What is beta tron?

Beta tron is a device for speeding up electrons to extremely high energies with the help of expanding magnetic field. The beta tron differs from cyclotron in the two fundament ( Full Answer )
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What is Tron rated?

PG (according to IMDB - See Related Link) This above is the old version. The new version was barley PG because of some rather intense violence when programms shatter into g ( Full Answer )
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What are the settings of tron?

If its tron legacy, then in the story its the grid, but in the world of the users its just a green screen studio.
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What rating is tron legacy?

The rating of Tron Legacy is M. They showed it on Disney Channel because the first movie Tron, was made a long time ago.
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Is tron evolution going to be on the iPhone?

While there aren't currently any plans to bring TRON: Evolution to the iPhone, Disney has made a free mobile TRON app featuring the Tanks and Light Cycle games from the TRON a ( Full Answer )
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Is Tron Legacy from Disney Cannel?

It is a Disney Movie; but, will be shown on cinemas, at least, for now. They'll probably air it on TV sometime later.
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What ducati motorcycle is in Tron legacy?

The old one that Flynn rides in the beginning is a 1970's Sport 1000 and the one that Sam rides is an updated version of the same model from a retro line Ducati produced a few ( Full Answer )
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Who stars in the film Tron legacy?

Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn/CLU 2), Garret Hedlund (Sam Flynn), Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley), Olivia Wilde (Quorra), Michael Sheen (Castor) and James Frain (Jarvis).
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Does Tron die in Tron legacy?

That is unclear at this point. Near the end, he sinks in the Sea, but the only notable change was that his 'color' turned from orange to white. Thus, it may mean he is not dea ( Full Answer )
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Why is tron legacy pg 13?

it is because Sam in the disk wars says about 3 "bad" words, there is also blood in it, all the punching is bed for kids apparently, that is why.
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What are the songs in tron legacy?

1. Overture 2. The Grid 3. The Son of Flynn 4. Recognizer 5. Armory 6. Arena 7. Rinzler 8. The Game Has Changed 9. Outlands 10. Adagio for TRON 11. Nocturn ( Full Answer )
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Is there violance in tron?

in the movie people combust, but with very bad special effects so it isn't that bad however in the new movie legacy there is
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Who plays Cora in Tron Legacy?

Did you mean "Quorra" , if so the role was played by Olivia Wilde .
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Is rinzler tron?

If you are referring to the movie TRON: Legacy, than yes, the henchman Rinzler is Tron from the first movie. He got re-programmed by CLU to serve him. In the new movie it show ( Full Answer )
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What are cheat codes for tron on wii?

lctalltrails - Intense light cycle trails . lcsupersharpslide - Sharp slide turns for light cycle
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Who is the main actor in TRON Legacy?

Academy award winning Jeff Bridges (who plays Kevin Flynn/Clu) is the most noticeable actor in Tron Legacy, however it is Bridges screen son Garett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) who has ( Full Answer )
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How do you get serial number of tron evolution?

Before installing TRON Evolution, you must enter the serial numberthat came with your copy. If you lost your serial number and thegame is already installed, you may be able to ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a tron legacy sequel?

Good question! Since Quorra isn't human, she and Sam Flynn may not be able to marry and have children!
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Who is the director for the movie TRON Legacy?

The director was Joseph Kosinski, chosen by Steven Lisberger to take forward the history of the original 1982's Tron, renewing the background and adding a modern touch to the ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a tron 3?

yes there will be TR3N, further titled Tron: The Next Day! :D Good luck TRON fans
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Does Flynn die in tron legacy?

KEVIN dies when he merges with Clu. SAM and Quorra both go back to the real world.
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Who plays tron in the move tron legacy?

Bruce Boxleitner plays both Tron and Tron's user Alan Bradley. Boxleitner is known for his role as Captain John Sheridan in the t.v. series Babylon 5 and as the secret agent L ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a tron 4?

yes but the title is unconfirmed for TR4N due to TR3N: The Next Day! :D
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Are there animals in Tron?

The virtual world of Tron is without an animal but in the 'real'world the original programmer's son Sam Flynn has a small dog .
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What is Tron movie about?

Essentially Tron is about a programmer attempting to escape fromthe virtual world of Tron which was a pregram that the user hadcreated .