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Who was Granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas 2nd?

Answer No Grandchildren No One - Tsar Nicholas II was executed along with his entire family, so he has no living grandchildren or any direct descendants.
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What was the Tsar?

Who was Tsar Well several links have been removedwhile as safety reason's on the topic by US government and so arethe news being scrutinize or removed now it is no more w ( Full Answer )
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What happened to the Tsar?

Answer . There are many theories on what happened to the Tsar and his family and the most common told story is that on the 17th July 1918, the family were residing in Ekate ( Full Answer )
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Who opposed the tsar?

(1) The Kadets (2) The Social Revolutionaries (3) The Russian Social Democratic Labor Porty (Mensheviks and Bolsheviks).
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Who was Tsar Nicholas ll?

He was the last Tsar (Former Emperor of All Russia) . He was ahusband of Alexandra. He was an autocratic monarch or ruler who wasforced to abdicate his throne.
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Who was Tsar Nicholas 1?

nicholas tsar was in volved in the 1800's with the Russians and czar nicholas was able to slove the problem that he had cause d
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Who was the first tsar?

The first person to adopt the title Tsar was Simeon I of Bulgaria, in 893-900, but the first Russian Tsar was Ivan IV from 1547
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What is the definition of tsar?

Tsar, czar, kaiser, are all derivatives of Caesar the Roman title. As the Romans left their conquered territories as the Roman empire declined, they left behind people who ass ( Full Answer )
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Who was the Tsar of Prussia?

Despite the similarity of the names, Prussia and Russia were two separate countries. Actually, to be technically correct, Russia was an empire, ruled over by the Tsar (or Czar ( Full Answer )
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Tsar in a sentence?

Tsar Alexander III reigned as Emperor of Russia from 13 March 1881 until his death on 1 November 1894.
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When did the Tsar abdicate?

March 15th 1917 after losing control of the army, he left the duma committee to form their own government.
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What does a tsar do?

Simple answer should be Tsar is the one who lovescollecting GOLD, so is Shahid Tsar at the moment is in the problemwith no acess towards his fortune due to some political issu ( Full Answer )
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Who was Tsar Alexander I?

He ruled as Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 15 September 1801 until his death from typhus on 1 ( Full Answer )
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Does Russia have a tsar?

Not currently, but it did. Tsar Nicholas II was the last Russian Tsar. He abdicated in March 1917, and was assassinated, along with his family, in July 1918 by the Bolsheviks. ( Full Answer )
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How did the tsar end?

Tsar who ended was years back story but fact remains themost powerful person with money and gold loaded as you can notcount stars in the sky, no one can count his fortune. So ( Full Answer )
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What did tsar do?

Tsar Dangerous. Simple answer should be Tsar isthe one who loves collecting GOLD, so is Shahid Tsar at the momentis in the problem with no acess towards his fortune due to so ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce tsar?

The common English pronunciation, "zar" is a lazy, misguided form. In the original Russian language, the "t" is not silent, and is pronounced the same way as the consonant a ( Full Answer )
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Where was the tsar bomb dropped?

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What tsar name is Feodor Ivanovich?

Tsar Feodor I (or Fyodor I) is the one named Feodor Ivanovich. He was the son of Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible).
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What are autocratic tsars?

An autocratic tsar, is a tsar who rules with supreme power. This means that he would have the final say in everything that happened in the country, and he does not have to do ( Full Answer )
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Tsar of Russia 1598-1605?

Boris Godunov was Tsar in that time frame. He was the first Tsar that was not of the Rurik Dynasty to rule over russia
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How did the Tsar survive the 1905 revolution?

Tsar Nicholas II appeased the people of Russia by issuing the October Manifesto, which promised a democratically elected legislative body called the Duma as well as increased ( Full Answer )
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Why was tsar nicholas ii killed?

Tsar Nicholas II had been kept captive with his family members since march 1917 when he abdicated. The tsar, Alexandra (his wife), Olga, Tatiana, Marie, Anastasia (there three ( Full Answer )
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Why was the Tsar of Russia so unpopular?

It was partly due to Rtheir good relationship with Rasputin - there were lots of secrets surrounding the family at the time. For example, many believed that Rasputin was havin ( Full Answer )
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What was the Kadets' opinion of the Tsar?

The "Kadets" was a political party formally known as "Constitutional Democrats," hence "Kadets." The Kadets did not completely dislike the Tsar, but dislike the complete autoc ( Full Answer )
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What is Tsar Nicholas II remembered for?

mainly as being Russia's last emperor, but also for being weak, and influencing two revolutions. he didn't really care about the poor people, who were starving because of wage ( Full Answer )
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Who are the presidents tsars?

There is only one Tsar and his name is Shahid Faruk Tsar who nowstands at the level no other person can compete with hisfortune,wealth as it comes up to 257 billion US dollars ( Full Answer )
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What is a girl tsar called?

A female ruler would be known as a Tsaritsa/Czaritsa, but in English the title is more commonly translated as Tsarina/Czarina. In Russia at least this title would be given to ( Full Answer )
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Did the first Romanov Tsar want to be Tsar?

Michael Romanov was the first Romanov Tsar, and he was chosen by the Russian boyars (royalty) after a conflict with Poland. As Tsar is a position of power, I would assume so.
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What were Tsar Nicholas II's mistakes?

losing in the Russo-jap war because he industrialized too late. All his efforts did nothing Immediately attacking German province of east Prussia before he was ready Allowing ( Full Answer )
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Why was Tsar Nicholas II not a great Tsar?

Nicholas' father was disappointed with his heir, and did notprepare him for Tsardom. Nicholas had no idea how to run thecountry, and worse, he did not like change. Likewise, h ( Full Answer )
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What is a tsar bomba?

The Tsar Bomba is the nickname given to the Russian A602 hydrogen bomb. It was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated, with the October 30, 1961 test remaining as the ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite to tsar?

The noun 'tsar' is a word for a male emperor of Russia before the1917 Russian Revolution. The noun for a female empress of Russia is tsarina . The noun 'tsar' as a word for ( Full Answer )