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Sediments undergoes what process?

I worked for a sand & gravel/ Ready Mixed Concrete company in the '70s. At that time we were pouring the ballast (sand/gravel/clay mix) into a hopper and it traveled up a conv (MORE)
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Who undergoes respiration?

Everyone does, reparation is the process whereby oxygen is turned into glucose and carbon dioxide is released. Do not get it mixed up with breathing.
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What does undergoes mean?

To undergo is to experience a procedure, test, or trial as its subject. For people, it is often used with the words operation, surgery, test, challenge, examination, or proces (MORE)
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What does undergoing mean?

Undergoing: "to experience, endure, or sustain" see related links for detailed definition.
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Why is WikiAnswers undergoing maintenance?

WikiAnswers undergoes maintenance periods of time to install major new features. The site will usually be available to view, but not edit for the period of time.
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What is the transformation Odysseus undergoes?

Well, some of the physical obstacles he encounters are: -Polyphemus, the cyclops who ate many of his men -The Sirens -Calypso, on her island -Circe, who turned some of (MORE)
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What element undergoes sublimation?

All elements undergo sublimation given a low enough pressure and a high enough temperature. However, at room temperature: Iodine undergoes sublimation, Naphthalene (in mothbal (MORE)
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Who undergoes dialysis?

Dialysis is used for patients with ESRD (end-stage renal {kidney} disease).
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Are sex cells undergoing mitosis?

Your "germ" (or sex, but I prefer germ) cells undergo mitosis to create more diploids, but then they undergo Meiosis I to form a haploid. In boys, the germ cells will undergo (MORE)
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Why benzene undergoes substitution?

Resonance structure of benzene shows that carbon-carbon bond in benzene is neither double bonded nor single bonded, but half way between them. So benzene undergoes substitutio (MORE)
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Is a burong mustasa undergoes preservation?

yes,.. because you add salt on it and preserve it for 2 days so i think it's a type of preservation,..right?wow nose bleed aq don ah,,.
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Where does meiosis undergoes?

meiosis occurs in the gonads (the testes-seminiferous tubules in males and ovaries in females)
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How long will ps3 be undergoing maintenance?

The PlayStation network has been shutdown since April 20 2011. They are working round the clock rebuilding and strengthening the system and should have it back up within a wee (MORE)
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Does ethanol undergoes sublimes?

No. Only solids sublime, as sublime means to go from a solid directly to a gas. Ethanol evaporates.