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Why does a cell undergo meiosis?

a cell has many organisims in it so the undergo of meiosis is to break wach cell or organisim down in to organelles
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Do plant cells undergo meiosis?

Plant cells undergo the process of meiosis in order to producetheir seeds. Spores are the products of cell division in plants.
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Which cells undergo mitosis?

Somatic cells (which are all cells excluding sex cells) undergo mitosis. In terms of organisms, mitosis occurs only in eukaryotic cells.
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Which cells undergo meiosis?

In animals gametocytes (i.e. spermatocytes and oocytes) undergomeiosis while in plants spore mother cells undergo meiosis.Allcells that undergo meiosis are diploid cells i.e. ( Full Answer )
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Who undergoes respiration?

Everyone does, reparation is the process whereby oxygen is turned into glucose and carbon dioxide is released. Do not get it mixed up with breathing.
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What does undergoes mean?

To undergo is to experience a procedure, test, or trial as its subject. For people, it is often used with the words operation, surgery, test, challenge, examination, or proces ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition for undergo?

The definition of undergo is: To pass through experience or to endure, or to suffer.
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How does an animal cell undergo Cytokinesis?

It is the process in which the cytoplasm of a single eukaryotic cell is divided to form two daughter cells. It usually initiates during the late stages of mitosis, and sometim ( Full Answer )
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Why is WikiAnswers undergoing maintenance?

WikiAnswers undergoes maintenance periods of time to install major new features. The site will usually be available to view, but not edit for the period of time.
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What does your body undergo when you are in the MRI machine?

An image can be constructed because the protons in different tissues return to their equilibrium state at different rates. By changing the parameters on the scanner this effec ( Full Answer )
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Do humans undergo metamorphosis?

no. they are the same basic shape of a 'mini adult' example: frogs are not mini adults. they are tadpoles and undergo metamorphosis until they are frogs. note: metamorph ( Full Answer )
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Plant cells do not undergo mitosis?

No, plant cells DO undergo mitosis, but there are some minor changes. During the end of telophase and the beginning of cytokinesis in animal cells, the cell membrane pinche ( Full Answer )
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Examples of a sentence with the word undergo?

Even though the cancer is in remission, he still has to undergo chemotherapy to help ensure that it does not come back. You have to undergo stringent training, tests, and ( Full Answer )
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What are the physical changes that matter can undergo?

Heat: solid-liquid-gas (sometimes) solid-gas Cooling: gas-liquid-gas " gas-solid You must understand that matter can be in any one of three PHYSICAL states, liquid, sol ( Full Answer )
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What is the transformation Odysseus undergoes?

Well, some of the physical obstacles he encounters are: -Polyphemus, the cyclops who ate many of his men -The Sirens -Calypso, on her island -Circe, who turned some of ( Full Answer )
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Do bacteria undergo mitosis?

yes its how they reproduce Bacteria do not have nucleus. So they cannot reproduce sexually. Just multiplication of cells occur
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Why do animals undergo Aestivation?

Animals have to undergo aestivation when they hibernate. Thisprocess allows their bodies to easily and safely maintain waterwhile they sleep for long periods of time without e ( Full Answer )
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When does a community undergo succession?

Secession=Withdrawing Succession=Following in order (next in line) 1. Therefore; "When does a community undergo succession?"....fromwhat? 2. And if you really meant to say "s ( Full Answer )
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Does wood undergo pyrolysis?

Yes, by dry heating without acces to air. One of the products -besides of charcoal- is ' spirit of wood ' which is methanol, CH 3 OH. (toxic, blindness)
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What element undergoes sublimation?

All elements undergo sublimation given a low enough pressure and a high enough temperature. However, at room temperature: Iodine undergoes sublimation, Naphthalene (in mothbal ( Full Answer )
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Why do cells undergo mitosis an meiosis?

Mitosis: Cells undergo mitosis to replace dead cells. If there is/are cell(s) absent in any part of the body, mitosis occurs to replace the missing cell(s). So basically, if ( Full Answer )
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What elements will undergo atomic fission?

All the heavy elements ( higher than 82) having unstable nuclei may under go fission process, as Uranium, Protactinium, Thorium etc.
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How do rocks undergo physical change?

rocks can undergo changes in a lot of different ways either by water eroding at it wind crashing against it or something like sand blowing up against it something like that an ( Full Answer )
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Does an elephant undergo a metamorphosis?

No. Elephant that was born, immadiately became kids and grown elephant, but is form remains: an elephant. Metamorphosed animals were butterflies and froges.
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Why benzene does not undergo addition reaction?

Benzene does not undergo these reaction due to the aromaticity ofthe ring. The conjugated, cyclic double bond system provides about38 kcal/mol of stabilization to the molecule ( Full Answer )
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Why do snakes undergo the process of molting?

Because their skin doesn't grow with them like ours does. Periodically, they need to slough (shed) their old skin in order for their body to grow.
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Why do mineral oil undergo the saponification?

Mineral oil can not be is bcoz it doesnt contain acids necessery to produce phenomenon..animal fats and vegetable oils can be saponified due to presence of acid ( Full Answer )
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Does iron undergo change when it is moist?

when a substance undergoes changes in its phase,its physical properties change.physical properties are properties you can observe without changing the material into another su ( Full Answer )
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Why does an atom undergo radioactive decay?

Because its nucleus is in an unstable excited state. By undergoingradioactive decay it can shed this excess energy and relax to amore stable state. Some atoms must undergo mul ( Full Answer )
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Are sex cells undergoing mitosis?

Your "germ" (or sex, but I prefer germ) cells undergo mitosis to create more diploids, but then they undergo Meiosis I to form a haploid. In boys, the germ cells will undergo ( Full Answer )