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Is WikiAnswers update?

The Wikianswers website is constantly being updated. There is a consistent amount of questions being asked, questions being answered. And as a result users statistics are cons (MORE)
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Can you update your will?

You can change your will whenever you wish. You can simply re-write the existing will and have it properly witnessed. You can also create a codicil, which is a change to the (MORE)
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How do you get updates from Cascada?

There are a variety of ways you can get updates from Cascada (dance group). you can visit her official site, visit cascadacrazyclub or even other fan pages that people or c (MORE)

How do you update your pokdex?

If you mean pokedex, it should update automatically. When you see a new pokemon, it will be noted, and when you catch a new pokemon, further information will be updated automa (MORE)
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Can you update a jailbreak?

no, to get a newer jailbreak you have to restore the ipod touch and then update the ipod touch and then download the jailbreak. that is a huge con for jailbreaking.

How do you update your blackberry?

go to blackberry desktop software and connect ur blackberry. u will find an update button with a star above. click it 2 update. OR visit blackberry site via ur blackberry (MORE)
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How do you update a iPhone?

You need to connect your iPhone to the computer you authorised, when first setting up your iPhone. When you connect your iPhone, either iTunes should open automatically or you (MORE)