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Who was given the title of 'Malik-ush- Shoara' by Akbar?

Shaikh Abu al-Faiz ibn Mubarak is popularly known by his pen-name, Faizi. He was the Malik-ush-Shu'ara (poet laureate) of Akbar's Court. He was the elder brother of Abul Fazl, ( Full Answer )
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What is the theory of wahdat ush shuhud?

Wahdat ush Shuhud means that in all objects the Light of AlmightyAllah is transmitting. The being of all objects is due to the Mercyand Grace of Almighty Allah. Not object in ( Full Answer )
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What Scrabble words start with ush?

Words starting with USH . Usher . Usherance . Usherances . Usherdom . Usherdoms . Ushered . Usheresses . Usherette . Usherettes . Ushering . Usherings . Usherless ( Full Answer )
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What is the ushe on iCarly?

The ushe was when Sam and Freddie made a bet that if Sam finished the book 'The Penny Treasure' she would give Freddie the ushe. The ushe is when you stick a hose down the oth ( Full Answer )